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How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Showing Away Status when Going Idle



Microsoft Teams is a well-known collaboration tool that people and companies use all across the world. Teams may, however, display you as “Away” if you are going idle or inactive for a particular amount of time. It can be frustrating, particularly when you want to appear accessible to your colleagues. 

We’ll look at a few potential fixes in this blog article to figure out how to stop Microsoft Teams app from changing status and displaying to appear away when you’re not using it.

How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Showing Away when Going Idle to Keep your Status Green

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Change Your Power and Sleep Settings

Your presence status in Microsoft Teams may be impacted by the power and sleep settings on your computer. Teams may classify you as “Away” if your computer logs off or shuts off the screen after a predetermined amount of inactivity.

Adjust your power and sleep settings to keep your computer on while you’re working to prevent this. You can modify your power and sleep settings as follows:

  1. Launch the Control Panel on your personal computer.
  2. Choose “Power Options.” 
  3. After selecting your existing power plan, click “Change plan settings.”
  4. Modify the settings to ensure your computer does not shut down or enter sleep mode following a set duration of inactivity.

Set a Custom Status Message with a Long Duration

Based on your behavior or scheduled events, MS Teams automatically sets your status. You can override this, though, by creating a unique status message and lengthening the time it stays visible. 

Choose your profile image, click “Set status message,” type your message, and choose how long you want your status to be active. 

This will stop Teams from designating you as “Away” while you’re not moving. 

Use a Third-Party Software or Tool to Keep Your Computer Active 

Keep in mind that this option requires you to update your status message frequently to remain active.

You can use third-party software or a utility to keep your computer active if you are unable to change your power and sleep settings. For instance, Mouse Jiggler can simulate mouse activity to keep your computer from becoming inactive. 

A straightforward program called Mouse Jiggler keeps your computer lively by moving the mouse cursor every few seconds. For people who need to be active on Teams but are unable to change their power and sleep settings, this method is great.

Manually Set Your Status on Microsoft Teams

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Teams determines your status based on your activity, but you may manually change it to “Available” to avoid having a “Away” status displayed while you’re not doing anything.

Simply click “In a call,” select your profile picture, and then select “Available.” By doing this, you can manually change your status to “Available” and stop Teams from designating you as “Away” when you’re not using your account.

Disable Automatic Away Mode

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to turn off Microsoft Teams’ default away mode right now. You can, however, try the aforementioned fixes to stop it from flagging you as “Away” while you’re not moving around. 

You may make sure that Teams displays you as “Available” even when you’re not using your computer by changing your power and sleep settings, establishing a custom status message, utilizing a third-party program to keep your machine active, or manually setting your status.

Indeed, there are a number of potential fixes you may attempt if you’re having trouble with Microsoft Teams showing an Away status while you’re not using it. You can stop Teams from classifying you as “Away” while you aren’t really using the program by changing your power and sleep settings, establishing a custom status message, utilizing a third-party application to keep your computer active, or manually updating your status. 

While there is no way to turn off MS Teams’ automatic away mode, these workarounds can help you continue to be active and reachable to your coworkers.



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