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How to Create and Use Activities in Seesaw



Seesaw is an engagement platform that allows teachers to create activities and use them with their students remotely. Students can draw, write, send photos, or do any other class activity created and supervised by their teachers.

Teachers can use the platform as a great communication tool in helping them connect with their students through fun and engaging activities. It is an exciting collaboration between students and teachers while families also get to pitch in encouragement and support to the kids.

How to Create and Customize Activities in Seesaw

Teachers are allowed to create an activity that they can send to students in their class. You have to log in first as a teacher to start creating and customizing an activity.

It is important to note that free Seesaw accounts can only create up to 100 activities. Seesaw Plus accounts on the other hand, can create up to 500 activities while Seesaw for Schools accounts have access to unlimited activities.

Seesaw Create Activity
  • On the upper right corner of the main page, tap the green Add button.
  • Select Assign Activity.
  • Go to My Library.
  • Choose Create a New Activity.
  • Input the Name of the activity and add in your instructions for the students. You may also add an optional student template. If you need to add some teacher’s notes, click More Option. Then, tag the students to the activity.
  • Next, click Save at the bottom.
  • Select Share to publish the activity to your selected class. It will then appear in the Activities tab of the students.

How to Use the Activity Library in Seesaw

Seesaw has an activity library that you can use to share with your students. There are different activities available for various topics and grade level so teachers will have an easier time adding more work for their students to do.

Seesaw Activity Library
  • Go to the Activities tab on your home page.
  • Click Assign Activity.
  • Browse the Activity Library based on the grade level and the subject that you want.
  • Once you found an activity, tap on the collection to view the instructions.
  • To save the activity on your personal library, tap the heart icon.
  • Next, click the Assign button to publish it as it is.
  • You may also choose to customize the activity to your preference. Just click the three dots on the lower right corner. Select Copy and Edit Activity.
  • You can now edit the name, instructions, and other details.
  • Once done, click Save and click Assign to share it with your students.

What do you think of Seesaw as an online platform for teachers? We would love to know what you think so drop us a comment below.



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