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Fix: Your organization requires that you change your PIN Error Message in Windows 10



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Using Windows 10 for your organization, may it be for work or school, is easy and safe. You can require your users to create a PIN when they want to sign in to Windows 10. Setting a PIN will help maintain the security in Windows system used by your organization and stop bad actors from getting access through your members’ accounts. You can set up the PIN requirement through the PIN Complexity Group Policy in Windows settings.

Only Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Pro have the Group Policy Editor (GPO). It is not available in Windows 10 Home version. You can enable the PIN Complexity Group Policy through the Local Group Policy Editor if you have administrative rights.

PIN Requirements in Windows 10

Each PIN consists of a minimum length of 4 characters and a maximum length of 127. You can set the specific length each user must create. You may also configure what digits to use and if there is the need for lowercase or uppercase letters. Special characters are available too. Through the PIN Complexity settings in your Group Policy Editor, you can set the specific time when the user can change the PIN.

Now, if your PIN does not adhere to the policy of your organization, Windows will be force you to change it and you will see the error message:

“Your organization requires that you change your PIN”
“Your organization has set the following PIN requirements: specific PIN requirements here”


If you this error message when setting up your account PIN, it means that there is something wrong with the PIN you created. It says that the PIN does not adhere to the policies set by your org. You can turn off or disable Windows from asking you with this error message and fix this common issue by checking out the workarounds below.

How to Disable & Fix “Your organization requires that you change your PIN” Error in Windows 10 PC

The first thing you can do to troubleshoot and fix the “Your organization requires that you change your PIN” problem on PC is to review your created PIN and check the PIN policy set by your organization. Does it follow the guidelines? If not, you need to create a new one.

Method #1 – Contact Group Policy System Administrator

If you are having trouble setting up your Windows 10 PIN, you may contact your system administrator and check what went wrong on their side. That way, you will know how to fix the error.

Method #2 – Edit PIN Complexity Settings using Group Policy Editor


If you have administrative rights, you may try to edit the settings of your Local Group Policy on your Windows PC. See these steps:

  • On the Search box, enter the following: gpedit.msc.
  • The Local Group Policy Editor window will open.
  • Go to Computer Configuration.
  • Select Administrative Templates.
  • Click Windows Components.
  • Go to the Windows Hello for Business folder.
  • Navigate to the right side.
  • Check each policy and make sure it is Not Configured.
  • Now, go to Computer Configuration.
  • Select Administrative Templates.
  • Click System.
  • Select the PIN Complexity.
  • Change each policy to Not Configured.
  • Exit the Group Policy Editor.
  • Restart your computer.

Did any of the two methods help you resolve the PIN error on PC? If not, what else did you do to fix the issue? You can share your thoughts with us to assist other users with this kind of problem as well.

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