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Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers these days that are well-loved among users in different parts of the world. However, despite its undeniable prowess, Firefox also has its own set of issues.

In particular, several users have complained about getting the NS_ERROR_NET_INADEQUATE_SECURITY error on Firefox browser. Read on below to learn how to fix this browser issue.

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What is Firefox Browser?

It was in 2004 when the Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation developed and introduced Firefox, an open-source and free web browser. You can use this web browser on the major operating systems of Windows, Linux, and Mac.

It also works well on iPhone and Android mobile devices. The Google search page is the default search engine and the main homepage of Firefox.

The Mozilla Manifesto guides Firefox. This is a set of principles created by the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation.

The open source and privacy principles of Firefox set it apart from other web browsers. Unlike Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari, Firefox doesn’t sell the personal data of its users to advertisers and other services such as Google.

It was also Firefox that introduced and popularized most of the standard browser features that people have come to know today. During the initial release of the Firefox browser, called Mozilla Firefox back then, it was among the first browsers that offer a tabbed browsing and bookmark toolbar.

Tabbed browsing allowed users to open tabs in one window for easy switching back and forth between them. A plugin and pop-up blocker were also available on Mozilla Firefox that let developers add downloadable new features called browser extensions or add-ons.


Image credit: Mozilla

If you’ve ever encountered the error NS_ERROR_NET_INADEQUATE_SECURITY when you’re trying to visit and open an HTTPS website on Firefox, it only means that there is something wrong with the SSL certificate of the web server, such as a lower TLS version or old ciphers.

The following steps may help you fix the NS_ERROR_NET_INADEQUATE_SECURITY error on Firefox:

  • Launch the Firefox browser on your device.
  • In the address bar, type in about:config.
  • Click on the button that states I accept the risk.
  • In the search box, type http2.
  • Look for network.http.spdy.enabled.http2. Double-click on it to make it false or to disable http2.

This is all that you have to do. You might also need to close the Firefox browser first and then open it again to check if the error message is gone.

Firefox has already come a long way since it was first introduced back in 2004. From the initial name Mozilla Firefox, the web browser has seen numerous changes and improvements through the years.

However, despite seeing significant developments that further improved its overall performance, Firefox also has its share of ups and downs.

In particular, the error NS_ERROR_NET_INADEQUATE_SECURITY is one of the most common complaints among many users. The good news is that you just need a few simple steps to fix this issue and eliminate the error code right away.



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