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How to Factory Reset your Sonos Smart Speakers



Resetting a Sonos speaker can be compared to hitting the reset button on life – it’s a fresh start that brings new possibilities. 

Whether you want to wipe out all of your settings, connect to another Wi-Fi network, or just clear up some technical issues, factory resetting your Sonos speakers is the way to go.

How to Hard Reset or Reset your Sonos Speakers or Any Smart Products to Default Factory Settings

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This article will provide a detailed guide for anyone who wants reassurance and guidance when performing hard reset or resetting their Sonos speakers or other smart products from the company to default factory settings.

1. Unplug the power cord and reboot all your Sonos speakers

The first step in resetting your Sonos speakers is to disconnect all of their power. Once you’ve done that, you need to reboot all your Sonos products.

2. Log into the Sonos App

Once your devices are disconnected and restarted, log in to your Sonos app with the same account information you used when setting up your system originally. On this page, go to “Additional Settings,” and then “Reset 

3. Use a PIN to Reset Your Speakers

Use a paperclip or pin to insert into the “reset hole” located on the back or bottom of your speakers. This will reset all settings—including those for music services like Spotify—to their original factory state.

4. Select “Start Over” in the app settings page.

From there, navigate back to the app settings page where you just tapped “reset speaker” and select “start over.” Next, follow any prompts from the app if necessary until it restarts itself.

5. Set up your speakers again

Once your speakers have been restarted, return to the main homepage of the Sonos app, where you will find instructions asking you to set up each speaker individually. Within this section, assign each product its own name that relates back to its location within your home (i.e., bedroom or office).

6. Connect your Music Services to your Sonos Speaker System Again

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In order for you to use music streaming services such as Apple Music, Tidal, or Spotify through your Sonos speaker system again, add these music sources once more using their respective access codes or logins under “Music & Content” in Settings.

  • Connect the power cable of each speaker back into the wall socket.
  • Rejoin each Sonos speaker to its app, depending on what type of phone or device you have:

For iOS Mobile Devices:

  • Launch the Sonos app for iOS devices and tap Settings
  • Tap Advanced Settings
  • Hit Reset My System
  • Then select “Set Up A New System” option and follow the instructions given in the app.

For Android Phones:

  • Open Sonos App, then go to System Setup
  • Tap Add Speaker
  • Select your preferred language and check whether all your connected speakers appear in the app.

For PC/Mac Computers:

  • Download the latest version of Sonos Controller for Mac/PC from their website.
  • Open up the controller application and log in with your current credentials.
  • After logging in successfully, click on “Setup A New System” button to join all your existing speakers together again.

Finally, power cycle all your linked speakers by turning them off completely for 10 seconds, then turn them back on again. This will help ensure that all settings were properly saved onto each individual speaker during setup process.

Enjoy Listening to Music Through your Freshly Reset Sonos Speakers!

Now that everything has been reinitialized to its default settings, enjoy listening to music through your freshly reset speakers at home.

Hope this helps! Let us know what you think in the comments section we’ve provided for you below.



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