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How to Fix Black Screen Issue after Exiting YouTube App with Back Button on Apple TV Device



Our watching habits have evolved in recent years. Most living rooms are now equipped with smart TVs. One of the features of Apple TV is that it broadcasts movies and TV shows to your HDTV. On it, you may play games, stream music, watch and listen to podcasts, and do much more. Everything depends on the apps you download. Many individuals enjoy utilizing it because there is so much more to do with it.

The most recent update to the YouTube app for Apple TV set-top box made it janky. Most of us experience that our screen goes black or blank whenever we want to exit the Google streaming app. And if we leave it using the back button, the question “Are you sure you want to depart YouTube Apple TV” is presented to us. If users choose yes, it will turn to a black screen.

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We have found a few solutions, and we will list them on this article:

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Restart your Apple TV Device to Fix the YouTube App Black Screen Issue

You can do this by pressing the Menu and Down buttons on your Apple Remote. When your device’s light flashes, release your grip.

Restart the YouTube App 

Most of the time, a temporary bug or glitch is to blame for the black screen issue you’re seeing with the YouTube Apple TV app. Restarting the YouTube app might fix this error.

Check your WiFi Internet Connection

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When you have a YouTube application black screen issue, the next thing you should do is verify your internet connection. To stream your preferred live TV channels, you must ensure that the device on which the YouTube app is installed has a fast WiFi internet network connection. 

Check the YouTube Server

The YouTube server occasionally experiences outages that make launching the YouTube app difficult. When the server is offline for maintenance or an unplanned outage, you won’t be able to stream YouTube TV shows, and it can also cause a black screen. 

Force Close the App

To do so, you will only need the Siri Remote. Press and hold the Menu/Back button by double pressing the TV button, navigating to the YouTube app, and swiping up on the trackpad. This can be a temporary fix when the app becomes unresponsive. 

Reinstall and Update the YouTube App

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YouTube recommends doing this, uninstalling the App, checking for updates, and reinstalling it again. Then restart the Apple TV. It cures all that ails it. 

Always Close out Apple TV’s Main Home Screen

The YouTube app doesn’t need to be force-quit before the TV is turned off. Before you turn off your TV, close the main home screen. After watching your favorite YouTube videos, hit the home button on the Apple TV remote so it would not lock up. It is not convenient to keep doing this, but it is what we do anyway and might also prevent or fix the issue.

The fact that this has been a known issue for so long makes its users waiver on staying with YouTube. Apple TV seems like an afterthought to them and forces us to go away. If the above solutions do not work, everyone should seriously consider reporting them. This will undoubtedly prompt Youtube to investigate the black or blank screen problem and help fix the issue when exiting the app on Apple TV device. How?

  • Go to the YouTube TV Menu
  • Click ” Send Feedback”
  • Select “App Performance” 
  • Inform that the App is crashing 
  • Include logs, then Submit.  

In Closing

YouTube Apple TV users should know that the black screen after exiting the app with the back button is a common problem. We have mentioned some of the most successful solutions to this issue so that you can try them out for yourself. However, if something else works better, remember to report it. It may be annoying to experience such an issue, but reporting it is the most effective way to encourage them to look into it.

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