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How to Fix Alexa Echo Device Not Responding to Voice Commands but Lighting Up



Smart devices like Alexa Amazon Echo have no doubt made people’s lives easier and more convenient than ever before. They can listen to your commands and perform numerous tasks on your behalf.

You can “tell” it to play your favorite music when you feel bored, or set an alarm to make sure you don’t miss an important meeting the next day. That is why nothing can be as frustrating when your Alexa suddenly stops responding to your voice commands but still lights up the same way.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Amazon Alexa Echo Device Unresponsive to Voice Commands but Lighting Up

Before you get too annoyed or assume that your device has become unresponsive and useless, there are a few steps you can try to fix it if your Alexa Echo Dot, Show or other Amazon device is not responding to voice commands but keeps lighting up.

Check your WiFi Internet Network Connection for Issues

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Alexa Echo won’t function at all if they are not connected to the internet. These smart speakers won’t be able to communicate with the servers of Amazon and process queries if the WiFi connection is unstable. This renders your device unable to process requests or respond to questions.

If there is nothing wrong with your internet connection but the speaker doesn’t connect to it, restarting the WiFi router might fix the problem.

Check the Microphone Button on your Amazon Alexa Echo Device

Your Alexa won’t be able to respond to voice commands if its microphone is turned off. Make sure you turn it on by pressing the power button. The power light should turn on in blue color if it is already working. A red light indicates that it is still turned off.

Use the Right Wake Word to Command your Alexa Echo Device

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The device probably doesn’t respond to your voice commands because you’re summoning it the wrong way. Make sure you get its attention by using the right wake word. See to it that there isn’t too much noise around you every time you call Alexa.

Excessive sounds might make it hard for the device to recognize your commands. Get rid of unnecessary sounds, use the right wake word, and try summoning Alexa again. By this time, it should start responding to your commands again.

Unplug and Plug your Alexa Echo Device back in

Try unplugging your speaker from the wall outlet and wait for several minutes before plugging it back in directly without using an adapter plug or extension cord. Your device might not function properly if it doesn’t get a continuous and necessary power supply.

Use this opportunity to ensure that you are also using the speaker’s original power adapter that came in its box or packaging.

Perform a Hard Reset your Alexa Echo Device 

A hard reset can often fix most issues.

  • To do this, check the bottom of the device and look for the reset hole.
  • Press the button inside the hole with a paper clip or any pointed object.
  • The blue light should change to orange light.
  • Wait for the device to turn off before turning it on manually.
  • The device should now be restored to its original factory settings.

Upgrade the System of your Alexa Echo Device

A system upgrade might be all that your device needs so that it will respond to your voice commands again. Ask Alexa to search for a software update and if there is one, allow it to proceed.

It’s easy to get annoyed if your Alexa Echo device lights up but doesn’t respond to any of your voice commands. Good thing that it only takes a few simple steps to get it functioning properly all over again.



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