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How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Profiles Not Showing on Smart TV



Setting up user profiles on Amazon Prime Video gives you the advantage of customizing your streaming activities based on each user’s preferences. For instance, a Kids profile has more animation movies while the other user loves to binge-watch TV series.

User profiles will have different recommendations and their own Watchlist, so you would not end up searching for all the titles you want or not seeing anything you like on the screen.

Amazon Prime Video lets you create up to six profiles for each streaming account. That means you can add five more user profiles to your existing main profile. You can even set up Kid’s profiles for the young ones in the family.

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Unfortunately, some users complain that they do not see their profiles when they want to change or switch to it and stream their content on a smart TV. The Amazon Prime Video profiles are not working or not appearing on the screen switcher. Users cannot switch to their own space and navigate to their streaming activities.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Amazon Prime Video Profiles Not Showing or Working Issue on Smart TV

Note that not all devices support streaming on the Amazon Prime Video app. At the same time, some supported devices do not have the option to create or manage Prime Video user profiles.

Method #1: Check if your Device Supports Amazon Prime Video Profiles

According to Amazon, there are selected devices that support profile creation and management on Amazon Prime Video. You can create and manage profiles on selected Android and iOS mobile or tablets. Amazon Prime Video profiles are also available through the web or using your Amazon Fire TV Stick device.

It is also possible to manage profiles on your PS4, higher models of Roku, Samsung smart TV 2018 and above, TPVision Television 2019 MediaTek 5806, LG Smart TV 2018 and later, and Panasonic Television 2019 MTK MT5813. You can also use Chromecast to manage Amazon Prime Video profiles.

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Method #2: Update your Streaming Device

If you haven’t installed the latest firmware or software update on your device, it is time to do so. Check your device’s system and see if there are available updates that you can install immediately. Restart your device after installing the system upgrade.

Method #3: Update your Amazon Prime Video App to the Latest Version

Navigate to the App Store section of your device. Look for the Amazon Prime Video app and check if there is an available update. Try to install it and restart your device.

Method #4: Reinstall Amazon Prime Video App

On your smart TV, uninstall the Amazon Prime Video app based on the procedure of your device. Now, go to the App section of your smart TV and install a fresh and new version of the Amazon Prime Video app.

Do you have other ideas on how to fix the Amazon Prime Video profile error? You can share them with us in the comment section below.

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