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How to Fix Can’t Share Ratings or Reviews on Instagram Stories from Letterboxd App



Movie fanatics are all flocking to a new trendy community where they can review, analyze, and document their cinematic experiences. This community is none other than the Letterboxd app. 

Users of the app can explore curated suggestions, create movie lists, and engage in conversations with their fellow cinephiles. 

But it’s a bit disheartening that some users have reported that they can’t share ratings or reviews on Instagram Stories from the Letterboxd app. 

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The reports have stated that multiple users are already facing the issue. Letterboxd already officially acknowledged the issue and is in the process of looking into it. However, Letteboxd hasn’t provided any official ETA for fixing the bug. 

There were speculations that this is happening because of the recently introduced changes to Instagram’s regulations and rules. Those who are affected by the problem are clamoring for the developers to resolve the issue at the soonest time possible.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Unable to Share Film Ratings or Reviews on Instagram Stories from Letterboxd App

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Sadly, the common general troubleshooting steps such as uninstalling, reinstalling, and updating the apps or rebooting the device weren’t able to help fix the issue. But just the same, it won’t hurt to try some of these steps and hope that they might solve the problem for you. 

Check the Status of the Letterboxd App Server

It wouldn’t hurt to check the status of the Letterboxd app server by going online and checking for reports about it being down or under maintenance. When the server is down, it is only normal to face some issues, and this might include not being able to share ratings or reviews on Instagram Stories. 

Clear Letterboxd App Cache 

Another method you can try to fix the issue is to clear the cache of your Letterboxd app. Follow the steps accordingly depending on whether you’re using an iOS or Android mobile device

Reboot your Mobile Device

If there is still no development after you’ve tried the above steps, you can also try to restart your device.  Most of the time, a simple reboot is all it takes to fix many glitches and small bugs. Hopefully, this also includes the inability to share reviews or ratings on your Instagram Stories. 

Switch your Connection from WiFi to Mobile Data or v.v.

This is also the best time for you to check if your internet connection is strong and stable. Whether you like it or not, everything you do online depends a lot on your connection. If you’re using WiFi, try to switch to mobile data and vice versa to check if it will solve the issue. 

Get the Latest Version of the Letterboxd App 

Even after you’ve done the above steps but to no avail, you might want to double-check if your Letterboxd app has been updated to the latest version. If you’re still using an outdated version, compatibility issues might result in glitches and errors, such as not being able to share your Letterboxd app reviews and ratings on Instagram Stories. 

The Bottom Line

The real reason why some users can’t share ratings or reviews on Instagram Stories from the Letterboxd app remains unknown and there are no specific fixes for the issue. However, the troubleshooting steps above might render some help.



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