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How to Fix eBay App Leave Feedback Page Option Missing or Completely Disappeared



Who hasn’t used eBay at one point or another? Whether you’re scouring the net for a hard-to-find item or you just want to make some extra money on the side, eBay is the best place to go.

For the longest time, people have been using eBay on desktop and they don’t encounter any issues on the website. However, when the eBay app entered the picture, things went downhill.

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Many users have been reporting their concerns that range from trivial annoyances to completely irritating problems. One of the issues that eBay app users often encounter is that the Leave Feedback Page option is either missing or completely disappeared.

What’s eBay’s Take on the Leave Feedback Page Option Missing or Completely Disappeared Issue?

If it’s any consolation, the eBay team made an official acknowledgment of the issue. They also stated that they were already able to resolve the problem for iOS users.

The sad news is that Android users might need to wait for a while before they can fix the bug.

Is There a Possible Workaround for eBay App Leave Feedback Page Option Missing or Completely Disappeared?

Luckily, there is a possible workaround that you can try to help solve the problem. You can try using or opening the official eBay website on your computer or using the browser app that you have installed on your phone.

Other Potential Fixes for eBay Leave Feedback Page Option Missing or Completely Disappeared Error

While the real cause of the issue hasn’t been pinpointed yet, you can also try some basic troubleshooting methods and hope that these might help address your concern about the completely disappeared or missing option for the Leave Feedback page on the eBay app.

Clear Cache Partition 

Can you still recall the last time you made the effort to clear your cache partition or even the cache in your storage? If you’re having a hard time remembering, now might be the best time to do it.

  • All it takes is a few minutes to clear your cache and you’re good to go.
  • Once you’re done, go back to the app and check if the issue is solved. 

Clear Search History on eBay App

While it might not specifically help with your eBay app issue, clearing the history of the app now and then does clear up some problems with it. Try giving it a shot if you haven’t done this for some time or even if you just did it last night.

Close Other Apps on your Device

Image credit: Apple

Every time you use the eBay app, it’s only normal that there are also other apps open in the background at the same time. Your device can just handle so many in one go, which depends on the available amount of RAM. If your RAM is not enough, things will either slow down or crash.

If you’re noticing some issues in your eBay app, you might want to close other demanding apps while using it. While the eBay app itself shouldn’t consume a lot of processing, it won’t hurt to make things less stressful for your device while using it.

If the Leave Feedback page option on your eBay app is missing or completely disappeared, the simple steps above can be of great help to get things back to normal again.



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