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Fix iOS App Store Not Showing Update Button when New Version is Available



Apps, which stands for “applications,” are software tools that give your mobile operating system more functionality. Users can utilize an app store, a digital distribution platform, to locate and download apps for their computer or mobile device. It is a selection of apps and games that are legal to use on your device, whether free or paid.

The Apple App Store lets you explore, buy, download, install, and update applications. It is accessible on iOS for iPad and iPhone mobile devices as well as on MacOS operating system for Apple computers.

Why are App Store Updates Essential to your iPhone?

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The App Store is on the home screen of iOS devices. It is an essential component of iOS and cannot be removed. One of its advantages is that the App Store tells iPhone or iPad users when updates are available for applications they have downloaded from it. It is optional for the user to check for fresh updates manually. If there are numerous updates, the app store may install them all at once. 

Updates are interesting because they let the server be improved and changed. But it might be very disheartening when a new version is ready, but you can not press the update button. If you ever opened the iOS App Store only to find the “Updates” tab empty, you may have encountered a strange and annoying glitch with iOS.

How to Fix iOS App Store on iPhone Not Showing Update Button Even when New Version is Available

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However, we’ve got your back and have included instructions for resolving the issue with your iOS app store not showing the update button even when new version is available for download. Try these methods if Apple App Store updates are not working on your iPhone: 

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable.
  • Refresh your app store by closing and reopening the application.
  • Re-login to the app store after signing out.
  • Manually check for updates. Visit the updates tab in your app store.
    1. Activate the App Store.
    2. Visit the App Store’s “Updates” section.
    3. Press near the text “Updates” at the top of the screen, followed by a hold, a pull-down, and a release
    4. Any new app updates will appear after the spinning wait cursor stops spinning.
  • Reset the app store’s cache. Press quickly on any Tab bar icon (bottom bar buttons) in the Appstore app for the iPhone. This will clear the cache and download the icons once more.
  • Remove the app you want to update and download the most recent version again.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Update your iOS software.
  • Update your server endpoint to connect an app’s version to a server release version. Every app version can call the proper endpoint, and your server can notify users when a new version is available.
  • You can do this on iTunes.  
    1. Switch between all of the accessible countries,
    2. Update the metadata for “what’s new.”
  • Make the App Store perform a new search for any installed apps that have updates available.
    1. Go to “General” in the Settings app.
    2. Set “Date & Time” to OFF and locate “Set Automatically.”
    3. Set the date to several months or a distant time in the future.
    4. Wait a moment before tapping the “General” section again.
    5. Go to “Updates” after restarting the App Store; typically, nothing will be visible at this time.
    6. To restore the actual date and time on iOS, return to “Settings,” then select “General,” “Date & Time,” and then toggle “Set Automatically” back to the ON position.
  • If your apps are still stuck, consider switching your device’s DNS servers in the updating stage. Update your iPhone’s DNS to or, then select manual configuration.

Remember that this particular type of defect has long been a problem. So, if none of these solutions works, try Apple as a last resort instead of getting too disappointed.



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