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How to Fix Vodafone Website or App Error Code 4300, 2115 or 8401



The British telecom company Vodafone has a London-based headquarters. The telecom operator has been providing broadband and mobile services for years.

The huge number of Vodafone customers makes the company one of the world’s biggest telcos with customers in 26 countries and more than 400 million connections.

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The Vodafone app or website is a nifty feature for the company’s customers. Unfortunately, some people have reported seeing error codes such as 4300, 2115, and 8401 on their Vodafone website or app.

Troubleshoot Vodafone Website or App Error Code 4300, 2115 or 8401

If you’re having the same app issue, here are some things you can do to get rid of it:

Update Vodafone App

Error codes may occur if you’re using an outdated version of your Vodafone app. Make sure that you update the app to its newest version and check if it removes the error afterward.

Clear the Vodafone Storage Data and Cache

Clearing the cache and storage data of your Vodafone app and website may also help address most issues, including error codes 4300, 2115, and 8401.

Perform a Power Cycle on your Device

Minor technical glitches are often solved with a simple power cycle or restart.

  • To do this, just power off the device you’re using and wait for at least 2 to 3 minutes before turning it back on again.
  • Once the restart is finished, log in to your account again and check if the error is gone.

Force Stop Vodafone App

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You can also try to force-stop the Vodafone app to eliminate error codes 4300, 2115, or 8401.

  • If you’re using an iOS device, all you have to do is go to App Switcher and then quit the app by swiping up.
  • For Android users, proceed to Settings, select Apps, choose My Vodafone, and click Force Stop.

Reset Vodafone App

You can also try to reset your Vodafone app to get rid of corrupted or faulty files in it that might be causing the error codes.

  1. Launch the Vodafone app from the Home or App Library screen on your device.
  2. Click the Settings icon located at the lower part of the screen of the app.
  3. Choose the tile for App Settings and select Reset App.
  4. Select Reset and launch it again.

Reset Your Device to Default 

You can also consider resetting your device to its original default settings which will most likely fix the error codes 4300, 2115, and 8401.

  • If you’re using Android, proceed to Settings, choose General Management, click Reset, select Factory Data Reset, and then follow the prompts that show up on the screen.
  • For iPhone users, simply go to Settings, click General, select Transfer or Reset, and choose Erase All Content and Settings.

Switch to a Different Internet Connection 

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If you still see the error codes even after you did the following, you can also try to switch your internet connection. If you’re on WiFi, you can use mobile data or vice versa.

The Vodafone app or website error code 4300, 2115, or 8401 can be very annoying. The good thing is that the steps above will be able to fix the problem.



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