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Google Chrome remains the undisputed internet web browser, growing bigger and better by the day since it was first unveiled in September 2008. The accuracy, speed, simplicity, safety, and security of Google Chrome are just two of the reasons behind its popularity. 

Sadly, Google Chrome is far from being perfect since the browser often experiences some SSL connection errors such as ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_NO_COMMON_ALGORITHMS error code. This article discusses some tips on how to troubleshoot and fix this problem.

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How to Fix ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_NO_COMMON_ALGORITHMS Error on Google Chrome Browser

Check Your Antivirus Software and Firewall

Antivirus software settings often find some HTTPS traffic doubtful. To check if your software might be hindering your access to certain sites, you might want to consider completely turning off your antivirus or software. You might also want to turn off SSL scanning if you have this setting. However, make sure that you only use this setting if you’re sure that the website you want to access is safe and secure. 

Clear Your Browser Data

SSL errors may also occur when the browser data and the website load process clash with each other. Clearing your browser data is a basic but effective solution that helps get rid of the error. Just remember, though, that doing so might mean that you’ll lose most of your saved passwords, bookmarks, or history. 

Clear Website Cache 

Website cookies are also among the common causes of error messages such as ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_NO_COMMON_ALGORITHMS. This may happen if the browser uses an old SSL certificate for the cached website. Unlike the above tip where you clear all data in the browser, here, you can choose to just clear the cache of the website you’re trying to access. 

Disable Google Chrome Extensions

Certain browser extensions may sometimes have settings that might interfere with your ability to access a webpage. To check if disabling your extensions will get rid of the error, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on Google Chrome. 
  2. Click the option for Extensions in the left-panel menu. 
  3. Disable all your extensions. 
  4. Restart Google Chrome. 

If your extensions were the cause of the error, these steps will be enough to fix the problem. 

Sync the Time and Date on Your Computer 

You might be surprised but the seemingly innocent time and date displayed on your computer might be the reason why you’re facing the error ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_NO_COMMON_ALGORITHMS. These SSL issues may occur if the wrong time and date are displayed on your device. 

This is an indication of a discrepancy between the system clock and the validation date indicated on the SSL certificate. As a result, the browser may refuse to load several websites. To fix this discrepancy, make sure that the time and date on your device are properly configured and in sync with the system clock. 

Update Your Windows System

Most errors can be easily and simply resolved with a simple update of your Windows system. If your browser works on an outdated device, the browser may feel as if the device is at risk. It may also fail to acknowledge the security certificate which can cause the error

Errors like ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_NO_COMMON_ALGORITHMS can put a serious hamper on your browsing experience. While the reasons for these errors are often too technical, the good news is that it doesn’t take rocket science to fix them. Follow the tips above and get rid of the annoying error message in no time.



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