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How to Fix Apple AirPods Keep Disconnecting from iPhone or Mac Issue



People using the Apple AirPods have been complaining that their earbuds keep on disconnecting from their iPhones. The issue happens during phone calls and while listening to music on Apple Music, Spotify, or another music streaming service. For some users, the intermittent Bluetooth connection occurs every 30 minutes while for others, it happens as quickly as 30 seconds.

There are a lot of varying factors that determine why AirPods might keep disconnecting from an iPhone or other Bluetooth devices you are pairing it with. The most prominent ones are compatibility issues with your current iOS version, problems with hardware (may it be your Airpods or iPhone), and probably some issues with your Bluetooth connection.

Unfortunately, there is no way to pinpoint specifically what causes your Airpods to constantly disconnect from your phone, tablet or computer. Thus, this guide contains some general troubleshooting methods that you can try that might hopefully fix the issue. You can check out each method or combine one with the other to find your fix.

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Fix AirPods Keep Disconnecting or Cutting from iPhone when Streaming Songs or During Calls

Check the AirPods Battery Status/Level

The battery on your Airpods might be dead or nearing depletion. The first thing you need to check is to make sure that your device has enough battery charge so you can rule it out from among the possible culprits.

Fix AirPods Keep Disconnecting or Cutting from iPhone when Streaming Songs or During Calls
Credit: Daniel Korpai/Unsplash

How to Check AirPods Battery Level through iPhone

Put your AirPods into the charging case and while the lid cover is still open, place it beside your iPhone. Then, wait for a few seconds, iOS will show the battery level on your phone’s screen.

How to Check Apple AirPods Battery Status through your Mac Computer

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To do so, the Airpods need to be taken out of their charging case and paired with your Mac.

  • Hit the Bluetooth icon in your Mac computer’s menu bar at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, look for the Airpods in the list of Bluetooth devices and hover over the device.
  • You will see the current battery percentage status of your earbuds from this setting.

Disable or Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection Setting

Credit: Apple

Apple AirPods are equipped with an Automatic Ear Detection feature that automatically detects when your earbuds are in your ears. Once it is detected, it will redirect the audio to your AirPods without you doing anything. However, this feature can sometimes cause your AirPods to disconnect. Here’s how to disable it.

  • On your iOS device, open Settings and then go to Bluetooth.
  • Then, hit the info (i) icon next to your AirPods.
  • Toggle the Automatic Ear Detection option to disable it.

Put Back and Remove AirPods in their Charging Case

This simple process often helps out most users. When your AirPods disconnect, there is a chance that they won’t automatically reconnect. Once placed in the case, AirPods start charging and effectively disconnect to any paired device. After several seconds, you can take them out and replace them with your ears. They will automatically reconnect to your iPhone now.

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Deactivate Automatic Switching Feature

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple has designed AirPods to automatically switch between devices when you start playing audio or receiving a phone call. Try to disable this feature if you have other Apple devices like an iPad, or Mac nearby.

Disable Automatic Switching Feature on iOS or iPadOS

On your iPhone, open Settings > Bluetooth and then hit the Info icon next to AirPods.
Tap Connect to This iPhone and select When Last Connected to This iPhone.

This process must be repeated to each of your iOS or iPadOS device that uses the same Apple ID as your iPhone.

Disable Automatic Switching Feature on macOS

  • Open the System Preferences screen on your Mac computer.
  • Go to Bluetooth and then select Options next to your AirPods.
  • Click on Connect to This Mac to When Last Connected to This Mac.

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That’s it! If nothing works, unfortunately, you will have to perform a factory reset of your Apple AirPods device. There might be a lot of other simple yet effective solutions out there that you might know. Please do put them down in the comments section below.


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