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How to Fix Online Payments Not Working on Mastercard Error



Online payments have made almost all transactions easy and seamless. Gone are the days when you need to be physically present just to pay for a product you need or a service you use.

Sad to say, though, that despite all the advancements in this technology, mishaps still occur now and then. In particular, some users have reported that their Mastercard online payments are not working.

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Possible Reasons Why Mastercard Online Payments are Not Working

There are several potential reasons why your Mastercard online payments are not working. These include the following:

  • The specific website where you are using your card is probably experiencing some issues.
  • You might have incorrectly entered your card number, expiry date, or CVC.
  • Your card could have been set with a lock.

Potential Workarounds to Fix Mastercard Online Payments Not Working Issue

Verify your Mastercard Details and Transaction

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If you’re experiencing failed online payments using your Mastercard, the first thing you should do is check if you’re entering the correct card details. You can also try the transaction once again at a different time and day.

See to it that you enter the correct prepaid, debit, or credit card number, the correct CVV code if requested, the proper expiration date, and the right billing address. If any of these details are wrong, don’t be surprised if your transaction gets declined.

Reach Out to your Bank

Assuming that you have entered the right payment information and the particular accepts your Mastercard but the transaction doesn’t go through, the problem likely lies with your bank and not necessarily Mastercard itself.

If the card works fine elsewhere but gets declined online at merchants that accept transactions via Mastercard, you might want to reach out to your bank to request that they allow you to proceed.

Contact Mastercard Customer Service

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Please note that it’s common for banks to be rather aggressive with their anti-fraud measures. There are also instances when they might mistake legit transactions for suspicious ones. The anti-fraud systems of other banks are even smarter, with the ability to learn things using your transaction history and send you real-time notifications if a suspicious transaction occurs.

If the card is still declined and your online payment doesn’t push through, you might want to contact the Mastercard team to talk to a specialist who can assist you with your concern.

Mastercard online payments are like a blessing for people who conduct most of their transactions online. However, things can get annoying and even scary if your Mastercard gets declined to make such payments.

The good news is that the tips above can help you address your issues. Hopefully, you will be to figure out what caused the problem in the first place so you can fix it accordingly.

Just make sure that you are always extra careful when making online transactions using your card. Be familiar with and follow all the necessary measures to keep your card protected from unauthorized and fraudulent use online. This way, you can continue using your card with ultimate peace of mind knowing that everything is in good hands.



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