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How to Fix Disney Plus Not Recognizing Subscription Issue



Disney Plus subscribers are having a great time streaming their favorite Disney shows. Classic animations can be found in the huge movie collection, not to mention new and trending films recently released. If you love to watch Disney series years before, you can rewatch them again.

But, some users complained that Disney Plus is not recognizing their subscription. They bought a new subscription, paid for it and then all of a sudden, they are still not subscribed to Disney Plus. Users who purchased the bundle subscriptions are the ones facing this problem and are having hard time signing in to their Disney Plus accounts.

Getting excited is all wasted when you cannot stream any shows because of the Disney+ subscription issue. Unfortunately, there are no definite solutions that will help you fix the subscription error on Disney Plus. Still, you can try the methods below to see if it will help you troubleshoot and hopefully solve the subscription glitch.

Fix Disney Plus Error Not Recognizing Subscription

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Solution #1 – Restart Your Device

A quick reboot will help refresh your connection and delete temporary files that may be causing the error. Turn off your device and wait for at least a minute. Turn it back on and try streaming on Disney Plus.

Solution #2 – Check Your Login Email Address

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You may be using a different email address hence Disney Plus is not recognizing your subscription. You must use the same email address when you subscribe and when you are logging in to Disney Plus.

Solution #3 – Double Check Your Subscription

Cancel Your Disney Plus Subscription Through their Website

There may be details that you forgot to add to your subscription. Make sure that you also added the complete payment details and verify your information. If you fail to add all the necessary information, your subscription is not complete.

Solution #4 – Reinstall the Disney Plus App

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Try to delete the Disney Plus app on your device. Now, install it again and try to see if the error is still there.

If none of the solutions above work for you, try to contact Disney Plus customer support. Report the issue with your subscription and ask why you are receiving the error.

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  1. No. This was not helpful. Have paid for annual subscription about 2mths ago and this is 2nd time down. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and still not working. First time it went down I was able to get help with chat to get it back working. Is this a common problem, if this is the normal I’m going to have to cancel my subscription


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