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How to Fix Challenge_Required Login Error on Instagram



Instagram users have been seeing the Challenge_Required error when they try to login to their accounts. This is not surprising, however, given that there are over a billion active daily users who use Instagram.

This very popular social media platform has grown tremendously under Facebook and has even created a whole new career for those who made it and became popular on the platform. Instagram influencers earn from brand deals and advertising using the social media platform.

Instagram runs without any problem most of the time. But, like any other product of technology, it has also seen some bad days.

Challenge_Required is one of the most common errors one might encounter when using Instagram.

What is Challenge_Required Error on Instagram?

Basically, the Challenge_Required error is just a security feature used by Instagram to identify the users that sign in, if they are indeed humans. You might think, who else would be using Instagram if not humans? Well, we know bots exist. They can well use the platform as we do but can also do some things that could compromise your account to hackers.

For some users they get Checkpoint_Required error message – a different error but with the same solution and meaning.

This error specifically happens when a user logs in through Instagram for the web instead of using the app. This can also occur when you just logged in through a new device, which means Instagram did not recognize your device and would need some verifications before letting you in.

If you think about it, there’s really nothing to worry about this error. It can pop up from time to time but its purpose is just to secure your account and protect it from harmful elements that would exploit it otherwise.

Fix Challenge_Required or Checkpoint_Required Instagram Sign in Error

The resolution to this error is pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is log in to Instagram using the app on your mobile device. You might need to login through the Instagram mobile app a few times for it to work and prove that the account is yours.

If the error is still there after several tries, then maybe your IP address has been blacklisted on Instagram servers.

To work around a blacklisted IP address, VPN is your only saving grace. You can also use a VPN service if you really need to log in to Instagram through the web and don’t want to do it on mobile.

If nothing works, all that is left to do is contact Instagram’s support and inquire about any possible issues with your account.