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How to Flip Mirrored Image on Facebook Live Screen



If you have been doing Facebook Live streams, you may have noticed that some things in your video are read and seen backwards. Facebook Live Screen captures the mirrored image of the video thus forcing some of your images to look backwards to your audience.

Let’s say you have a cool message written on your background. But, as you go Live, your audience cannot understand a single word from it since all the letters are mirrored in your Facebook Live screen.

Now, you don’t have to worry about mirrored images and deal with writing your messages backward to your audience. Facebook has an easy tool that will immediately flip your mirrored image back so your audience can easily see everything in their right angles and positions.

Reasons Why People Use Facebook Live

  • It is trending. People are doing Facebook Live videos, so why not join the trend?
  • It generates better engagement.
  • It promotes audience interaction.
  • It offers real-time information.
  • People love to watch videos more.

Facebook Live can give you leverage in your marketing and promotion so flip your videos right by following the steps below.

How to Flip your Mirrored Screen on Facebook Live

Flipping Screen Facebook Live
  • On your Facebook home screen, click Live found just under your profile, “What’s on your mind?”
  • Once you are on Live, look for the magic wand icon either on the top right corner or along the right side with the other icons.
  • Then, you will see different icons. Click the Tools icon.
  • You will see different choices. Select the Horizontal Flip icon. If it does not have a name, the icon looks like a small rectangle with a vertical divider in between.
  • Now, click the X on the top of your screen to exit the tools section.

That’s it! Flipping your Facebook Live screen is easy and will give your audience the proper look on your video. You can even flip your phone to landscape view so that your audience can see more of your background. Once you set it all in place, start your Facebook Live streaming video!

Have you been doing Facebook Live videos lately? Share with us your story in the comments below.



  1. Really need a fix for Android. I found ONE video with a tip in camera settings but it is not making a difference on my Samsung 20. Ughhh!! help!

  2. When will the tool icon for Facebook live to enable the videos to flip be reinstalled back on the Android Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  3. Don’t you find it VERY strange that there appears to be so little talk about this, let alone any solution. It has been at least a year since I discovered the issue for myself but it seems to have been going on a lot longer. Android must have a good half of the smartphone market, Facebook are pushing their live video component. Who would want to publish their live videos the WRONG WAY ROUND? For marketing videos it’s pointless.
    I can only find a few references to the issue on Android forums -all leading nowhere. It doesn’t even merit a mention on Facebook’s help site. Is it an Android problem? Is it a Facebook App issue? Are Google and Facebook slugging it out over territory and we’re caught in the middle with hobbled software?
    Maybe I’m just not using the app correctly. I’m baffled.

    • I totally agree with you… I’ve been searching and doing everything to make awareness for more than 2 years now.
      I even switched over to iphone for that same reason (I’m now back on android).
      Still no solution, it’s crazy!! Something is going 9b behind the scene…

    • I’ve also been baffled by this. Like you said, the strange thing is everyone who has an Android device knows this is a problem, and yet not one word from Facebook – as you said. It’s obviously done on purpose, but why? If I had the skills, I would make an app to flip the screen myself.

  4. I have been posting Facebook Live videos every single day for 8 months. 5 days ago the crossed tools icon that leads to the camera flip option disappeared. Gone. It’s still there on my oldest ipad but on my 7th generation (that I use to stream) the icon just doesn’t exist any more. Not on my iphone anymore either. So how do I flip the screen now? Or do I just resign myself to playing the guitar backwards?

  5. The problem with that is the speak faces forward … and you can’t tell if you’re in the screen if you’re filming yourself. Uggh!!!


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