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How to Fix Ring Doorbell Won’t Stop or Turn Off, Keeps Ringing



Ring doorbells truly revolutionized the doorbell market. With these devices, you can easily check who is at the door, whether you are at home or not. Thanks to Ring video doorbells, keeping your home safe and secure has been easier than ever. 

However, what if your Ring doorbell becomes a source of annoyance because it keeps ringing day in and day out? What will you do if your device won’t stop or turn off no matter what you do?

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Ring Video Doorbell Won’t Stop or Turn Off, Device Keeps Ringing

To save yourself from this nuisance, here are some of the easy fixes you can try to get rid of the problem related to Ring video doorbell device that keeps ringing randomly on its own and won’t turn off.

Check the Device’s Health

Your Ring doorbell won’t work as you want or need it to if it’s connected to the wrong network or isn’t connected to WiFi at all. Outdated firmware and poor signal strength may also result in some problems.

To rule out these causes, you can use the Ring app to check your doorbell’s current health status:

  1. Launch the Ring app and tap on the Menu icon.
  2. Choose Devices from the menu on the left-hand portion.
  3. Click on your chime.
  4. Choose Device Health to see and check details including the WiFi connection, firmware version, and signal strength. 
  5. For poor or low signal strength, you might consider repositioning your doorbell. You might also need to switch to a different WiFi network if the device is connected to the wrong one. 

Clean the Button on your Ring Doorbell

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A stuck button is one of the most common but sometimes overlooked reasons why Ring doorbells don’t stop ringing. If you don’t clean the button regularly, debris and dust will soon accumulate there. Since most doorbells are installed outside homes, they can get exposed to the elements. Once they are clogged or stuck, your Ring video doorbell will end up buzzing all the time. 

The good news is that cleaning the button doesn’t take much. All you need is a microfiber cloth for cleaning the debris and dust particles around the button. You can also remove the faceplate and check if there is any debris that requires cleaning. 

Inspect the Cables and Hardware

If you have a wireless Ring doorbell, you might want to detach it from the mounting bracket to see if there are any damages on the machine. 

For hardwired video doorbells, there’s also the chance that the wiring failed. If this is the case, you need to hire a qualified electrician who can test the wiring and identify if there is anything wrong with the circuitry. They will also help you repair the issue and resolve that continuous ringing.

Restart Your Ring Doorbell Device

You might also consider rebooting your Ring doorbell since it might have been caught in a loop that caused it to ring on false alerts. To restart, you can use the app on your smartphone or look for the power switch.

For security purposes, the power button is often hidden within the doorbell. If this is the case, you have to disable the breaker of the doorbell temporarily and activate it again.

Using the mobile app will also help you restore the default factory settings of your Ring video doorbell. The program comes with a feature that lets you reset the doorbell and allow you to operate it and stop the repeated ringing once and for all.

Ring doorbells are such a big help for security reasons. But if your device becomes the reason for annoyance because of its constant ringing, the easy fixes above will help you address the issue before the noise becomes too unbearable.



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