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How to Fix Downloading Amazon Kindle Unlimited Titles via USB Not Working Issue



Lately, some users have reported difficulty downloading borrowed ebook titles from their Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription via USB connection not working properly. This article provides an overview of what could be causing this Kindle e-reader issue and how you can resolve it quickly and easily.

What Causes Downloading Problems on Amazon Kindle Unlimited Using USB Connection

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The most likely explanation for these download problems is a compatibility issue between the device and the downloaded title. If the device does not meet the specific requirements specified by Amazon, then it cannot complete the download process.

Additionally, if there are hardware or software malfunctions on either side, downloads can be disrupted due to connectivity issues.

Lastly, recent reports state that Amazon apparently removed the feature for borrowed items through the Kindle Unlimited membership. With that in effect, you will no longer be able to download these ebooks using a USB connection but instead you will be forced to transfer and deliver them through WiFi on your Kindle device or app.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Amazon Kindle Unlimited Downloading Issues via USB Connection on your Device

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You can try these workarounds and troubleshooting methods to fix the problem when downloading Kindle Unlimited books via a USB connection to your computer.

  • First, users should check the file size of the book being downloaded against their device’s storage capacity. If there is insufficient space available on the device, the file may not download correctly or may fail altogether. 
  • Second, restarting the device could potentially resolve any errors encountered in the process.
  • Third, if either of these solutions fails to address the problem, users may need to reinstall their Kindle software on their computer or mobile device; this should help reset any corrupted files that might be causing conflicts while trying to download content from Kindle Unlimited. 
  • Fourth, some internet browsers require special settings in order to complete downloads; thus changing browser settings or switching to a different browser entirely may also assist in resolving any difficulties related to downloading Kindle Unlimited titles via USB.
  • Finally, performing routine maintenance checks by cleaning up unnecessary files and freeing up disk space is another way of ensuring successful downloads occur without interruption or delay. It is recommended that user regularly delete outdated versions of programs installed on their devices as well as temporarily disable virus protection software when attempting to install new applications from external sources like Amazon’s website. Taking these steps will likely guarantee smoother transfers and fewer technical problems in future attempts at using the service.

Is It Possible to Download Kindle Unlimited Titles to Other Devices?

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It is possible, but the process may vary depending on what type of device it is and where the content originates from. To download Kindle Unlimited titles to another device, users must first ensure that they have access to their Amazon account on that device.

Once logged in to an Amazon account, there are several different options available for downloading content. If the title was purchased directly from Kindle Unlimited, then a user can simply select the “Download” option when viewing the book details page. 

This will initiate the download which should take place automatically once it has been initiated. For books borrowed from your local library or through third-party services such as OverDrive, users may need to go through additional steps involving downloading apps specific to those services before being able to view them on their device.

With quick access to all kinds of books, magazines and audio recordings subscribers have plenty of options when selecting what they want to read or listen too next. Furthermore, although issues may arise while trying to download content using USBs, Amazon customer service will always be there with solutions so you don’t miss out on your favorite reads!



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