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Fix Telegram ‘This Message Couldn’t be Displayed on your Device Due to Copyright Infringement’ Error



While you’ll see free messaging apps everywhere, Telegram continues to set itself apart from the rest with its unique features.

However, users of the app find themselves bombarded with some error messages, including the ever-common ‘This Message Couldn’t be Displayed on your Device Due to Copyright Infringement’ issue on Telegram.

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Troubleshoot Telegram ‘This Message Couldn’t be Displayed on your Device Due to Copyright Infringement’ Error

If you’re having the same concern, here are some things you can do.

Check Telegram Network Status

Telegram also encounters outages and other server issues. The error message may show up for this reason. So before you panic, check the status of the Telegram network first to rule out this cause.

Clear Telegram App Cache

Clearing the Telegram cache will delete the corrupted files that may disrupt or affect your experience of using the app.

Write an Email to Telegram

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If you’re a viewer who’s seeing the error message, you can’t do anything to fix it. But if you’re the admin or owner of the channel, or the message you sent has a copyright infringement issue in general, there’s something you can do to fix it.

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. Choose the email connected to your Telegram account.
  3. Click the bottom for ‘Compose’ in the lower right part of the screen.
  4. Write “Recover@telegram.org, abuse@telegram.org, dmca@telegram.org” in the email tab. 
  5. State your concern including the issue about your blocked Telegram channel. Don’t forget to state that you intentionally or unintentionally used copyrighted content before but you have since removed it with respect to the original creators. Request the resumption of your Telegram channel.
  6. Indicate critical information like the name of the channel, the link to the channel, and the owner’s username.
  7. Conclude your email with regard and send it.
  8. Wait for your account to be recovered within 24 hours.

Always Follow Telegram’s Terms and Conditions

It doesn’t matter if it’s Telegram or any other software or app you’re using, it’s always important to follow all of its Terms of Service. Some people simply skip the part because they don’t feel like it’s important.

But reading this page can help a lot to know what you’re allowed and not allowed to post on your channel or message in Telegram.

According to the Terms of Service of Telegram, it is strictly against their policies to use messages to spam other users, use NSFW content, piracy, and promote violence, and other negative intentions.

It means that you have to avoid or remove these if you’re the channel admin. Once again, you can’t do much about this issue if you’re just a viewer.

Update Your System

Updating your system may also help you get rid of the error message.

Update Telegram App

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An older Telegram app version may encounter issues like error codes and messages. Updating the app might eliminate the issue. 

Contact Telegram Customer Support

If everything else fails, you can always seek further assistance from the support team of the Telegram app.

More often than not, ‘This Message Couldn’t be Displayed on your Device Due to Copyright Infringement’ on Telegram only means that the content was illegal or inappropriate in one way or another. Most of the time, you can’t do anything but just let it be rather than try to fix it.



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