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How to Fix Kobo Not Responding or Stuck in White Screen of Death Issue



With Christmas fast approaching, an eReader like Kobo is just the kind of gift that’s guaranteed to make your holiday extra special. Thanks to its extensive library of the hottest best-sellers, manga, graphic novels, and even self-published eBooks, you can look forward to endless hours of fun and entertainment with your Kobo device.

Unfortunately, even the best gifts falter, and for some Kobo users, it’s a total bummer when the device doesn’t respond or gets stuck in the dreaded white screen of death.

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Methods to Troubleshoot Kobo Not Responding or Stuck in White Screen of Death Issue

Whether you already have a Kobo or it’s one of the items on your Christmas wish list, here are some fixes you might want to know in case you ever find yourself dealing with the white screen of death issue.

Charge your Kobo eReader Device

Now, this may sound like a no-brainer but it’s likely that your eReader no longer responds because its battery is already drained. In this case, the best thing to do is to charge your eReader for an hour or so.

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Force Shutdown Your Kobo eReader

If your Kobo is stuck in the white screen of death or doesn’t respond, try to press and hold down its power button for about 15 seconds to switch off the device. Turn it back on once again and check if the problem is gone.

Perform a Basic Reset on Kobo eReader

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You can also gently press the reset button of your Kobo to perform a basic reset and hopefully get rid of the issue.

  • Look for the tiny reset hole on your device.
  • Take note that the location of this hole varies depending on the specific Kobo model you have.
  • Get a paperclip, unfold it, and slide its tip into the tiny hole.
  • Press gently and wait for a click.
  • Your eReader should restart after this.

Power Off the Kobo eReader Device

  • Slide your Kobo’s power switch to the right.
  • Hold this for 15 seconds before releasing. The action will force the device to power off.
  • Once your eReader turns off, you can slide its power switch back to the right once again.
  • Hold this until the blue or green light close to the switch lights up.
  • Make sure you release the switch the moment the blue or green light shows up.
  • The Kobo device should power up by now and function as intended once again.

Press the Home Button on Kobo eReader Device

Image credit: Kobo

If your Kobo reader has extra buttons, like in the case of Kobo Touch which has a Home button under the touch screen, press this button to check if your device will respond this time.

eReaders like Kobo have completely changed how people enjoy and consume their favorite eBooks, novels, and other reading materials. If you own a Kobo, however, you can’t expect it to always function seamlessly.

When your Kobo doesn’t respond or it remains stuck in the annoying white screen of death issue, the steps above may be able to help address the problem for you. Give these a try and enjoy your time reading!

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