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Why is iPhone AirPrint Not Working After iOS 17 Update – Fixes or Workarounds



You woke up one morning, ready to print that important document from your iPhone. But when you tried to print, nothing happened! The printer showed up like normal, but your print job wouldn’t go through. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Many iPhone users have found themselves in this frustrating situation after updating to iOS 17. Don’t worry – this issue on iPhone is usually fixable. Keep reading to uncover the likely causes and solutions for the iOS error.

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Something Changed in iOS 17 Update

The most common reason AirPrint stops working?

Changes in the latest iOS update.

Apple frequently tweaks the AirPrint system with major iOS releases. The updates aim to improve performance and add features. But sometimes they break compatibility with older printers.

If your printer worked perfectly before you installed iOS 17, this is likely the culprit.

Fixes to Troubleshoot iPhone AirPrint Not Working After iOS 17 Update Issue

Confirm Your Printer’s Compatibility with iPhone AirPrint

What printers are affected?

Mainly older AirPrint models. New iOS versions are optimized for the latest technology.

Before you try any fixes on your printer, check Apple’s official compatibility list. Make sure your printer’s firmware is up to date.

If your model is too outdated for iOS 17, it simply won’t work until the manufacturer releases a firmware update.

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Reset Network Settings on iPhone

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Here’s a simple first step to try:

Reset network settings on your iPhone.

Updating iOS often modifies settings that can cause connectivity problems. Resetting erases any issues without deleting your data.

To reset:

  • Open Settings
  • Select General
  • Scroll down and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Choose Reset
  • Select Reset Network Settings

This refresh may get your AirPrint working again.

Update iPhone to Latest iOS Version

Did you install iOS 17 right when it launched?

Early versions often have bugs. Apple releases frequent updates to fix issues.

Updating to the latest iOS 17.x version could resolve your AirPrint woes.

Don’t ignore those update prompts! Keeping iOS current is key for maximum compatibility.

Update Printer Firmware Version

Finally, the problem may originate from your printer itself.

Is your printer firmware up-to-date? Outdated firmware frequently disrupts communication with iOS devices.

Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest firmware. Follow their instructions to install it on your printer. This can improve compatibility with iOS 17.

Still Not Working? Contact Apple Customer Support

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Tried it all with no luck? Don’t give up hope yet!

Reach out to the printer manufacturer’s tech support team. Explain the issues that started after your iOS update.

They may have additional troubleshooting tips or newly-released firmware updates to suggest. If your printer is too outdated for iOS 17, ask if an upgrade plan is available.

With some persistence and the right help, you can get your AirPrint functionality back up and running. Never hesitate to leverage tech support teams – they exist to help!

Bonus: Prevent Future iPhone AirPrint Issues

Take these steps to avoid repeat issues when Apple releases iOS 18:

  • Bookmark your printer manufacturer’s website
  • Check it regularly for firmware updates
  • Don’t delay installing iOS updates
  • Reset network settings after major iOS updates
  • Confirm your printer remains on Apple’s compatibility list

Staying proactive is the best way to maintain seamless iPhone printing.

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