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How to Fix Monarch App Not Working, Keeps Crashing or Not Loading Issue



Monarch, a personal finance app, offers a streamlined way to manage your money, from budgeting to tracking expenses. However, like any technology, it’s not immune to glitches and hiccups.

Users may sometimes face issues on Monarch Money such as the app crashing, not loading, or other malfunctions that can interrupt their financial planning.

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Troubleshooting Black or White Screen Issues on Monarch Money App

Encountering a black or white screen on your Monarch app can be frustrating. Often, this is a temporary glitch that resolves with a simple restart.

  • Just tap the recent applications menu on your phone, find Monarch, and swipe it away to close. Then, try opening the app again.
  • If that doesn’t do the trick, consider a hard reboot of your device. For most Android phones, this means pressing and holding the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Once your phone restarts, the Monarch app might just spring back to life.
  • Still no luck? Another method is to let your phone’s battery drain completely until it shuts down. After recharging and powering it back on, this full cycle can sometimes kickstart the app into working again.
  • In situations where these methods don’t work, uninstalling and then reinstalling the Monarch app could be the answer. This process refreshes the app’s data and settings, potentially solving the issue.
  • If you’ve tried everything and the problem persists, you might want to consider installing an older version of the Monarch app. New updates can occasionally bring unexpected problems, and using a previous version can offer a temporary fix. This should be thought of as a last-ditch effort after all other solutions have been exhausted.

Resolving Monarch App Loading and Server Errors

Sometimes the Monarch app might not load because its server is temporarily down. It’s a common issue with many online services.

  • A quick way to check this is to visit the Monarch website or look for updates on their social media pages, where they usually post about such issues.
  • A shaky wifi or mobile data connection can also be the culprit behind loading problems. Make sure your internet connection is stable. You can do this by loading other websites or using a different app to see if they work fine.
  • High user traffic on the Monarch app, especially during peak hours, can lead to loading issues. Imagine a crowded store; sometimes, apps too get overwhelmed with too many users at once. Trying again after some time, perhaps during less busy hours, might just solve the problem.

Fixes for Installation Issues with Monarch App

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  • Having a stable internet connection is key when installing the Monarch app. If your internet is spotty or slow, the app might not download properly, or it could take a long time. A good tip is to use a Wi-Fi connection rather than mobile data for a more reliable installation process.
  • Before you start the installation, it’s a good idea to check if there’s enough storage space on your device. Not having enough space can prevent the app from being installed. You can clear some space by removing files or apps you no longer need.
  • Your Android device’s operating system needs to be compatible with the Monarch app. Each app version has specific requirements for the Android version. You can find this information on the Google Play Store under the app’s description. If your device’s version is too old, consider updating it or using a different device for the app.

Dealing with Login and Account-Related Issues on Monarch App

  • If you’re having trouble logging into the Monarch app, the first thing to check is whether the server is up and running. Server issues can prevent you from logging in, and these are usually beyond your control. You can find out about any server problems on the Monarch app’s website or their social media channels.
  • Make sure you’re entering the correct login credentials. Typos happen more often than you’d think, and they can keep you locked out of your account. Double-check your username and password for accuracy.
  • If you’re using a third-party service like Facebook or Google to log in, ensure those services are operational. Sometimes the problem isn’t with the Monarch app, but with the third-party service you’re using to access it.
  • Also, it’s worth considering if there are any issues with your account such as a ban or deactivation. This can happen for various reasons, often outlined in the error message you receive when trying to log in. If you suspect this is the case, reaching out to Monarch’s customer support can provide clarity.

Fixing Monarch App Update-Related Problems

  • If the Monarch app isn’t updating as it should, the first thing to check is your device’s storage space. Updates usually require some extra space to download and install. If your phone is nearly full, the app won’t be able to update. You can make room by deleting files or apps you no longer need.
  • Sometimes, simply restarting your phone can solve update issues. This refreshes your system and can clear up any minor glitches that might be preventing the app from updating.
  • Make sure the Monarch app is set to update automatically. You can check this in your device’s app store settings. This way, you’ll always have the latest version without having to manually update it.

Notification Issues in Monarch App

If you’re not receiving notifications from the Monarch app, the first step is to check if notifications are enabled in the app settings. This is a common oversight and easily fixable. Here’s how you can ensure that notifications are turned on:

  • Open the Monarch app on your device.
  • Tap on the ‘Settings’ or ‘Menu’ icon, usually represented by three lines or dots.
  • Scroll to find ‘Notifications’ or a similar option.
  • Make sure the switch next to ‘Notifications’ is turned on. If it’s off, tap it to enable notifications.

Another issue could be with the notification sounds. If notifications are on but you’re not hearing them, it might be due to the sound settings. Here’s how to check and adjust these settings:

  • Go to the main settings of your phone, not just the app.
  • Scroll to ‘Apps’ or ‘Application Manager’ and find Monarch.
  • Tap on Monarch, then find the ‘Notifications’ section.
  • Here, you can adjust the settings for notification sounds. Ensure the sound is not muted and choose a tone that you can easily hear.

Addressing Audio/Video Loading Problems on Monarch App

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  • When you’re facing audio issues with the Monarch app, the first thing to do is check your phone’s volume. It might sound basic, but sometimes the volume is turned down without realizing it. Also, test your speakers by playing a sound or video from another app.
  • If you’re using headphones or external speakers, make sure they’re properly connected. Sometimes the problem is just a loose connection. Try plugging and unplugging them to see if that resolves the issue.
  • For video loading problems, your internet connection is often the key factor. Slow or unstable internet can cause videos to buffer or not load at all. You can test your connection speed using online tools or by seeing how well other streaming services work.
  • If other apps are working fine, try restarting the Monarch app. This can refresh the connection and solve temporary glitches. Just close the app and then open it again.
  • Clearing the app’s cache can help. This removes temporary data that might be causing the problem. You can do this in your phone’s settings under the Monarch app’s storage options.

These issues with the Monarch app, while inconvenient, are often solvable with a bit of troubleshooting. Staying aware and proactive can quickly resolve most problems, ensuring the app functions smoothly for your financial management needs.

Remember, most tech glitches have solutions, and with these tips, you’re well-equipped to handle them.



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