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How to Fix TradingView Website Stopped Working or Not Loading Data Error



A lot of investors and traders find TradingView website a reliable source of information when it comes to trading and investments. Unfortunately, not all the times the TradingView website is functional. You will experience issues that will disrupt website browsing.

There are instances when data on TradingView has stopped working or are not loading at all. Still, there are ways on how you can address the issue.

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Resolve TradingView Website Stopped Working or Not Loading Data Error

There are several steps you can take to address problems with TradingView not working or failing to load data. With a few easy fixes, you may be able to get the site functioning again quickly.

Check the TradingView Status Page

You’ll want to start by visiting TradingView’s status page. The status page will tell you if any known problems are currently affecting the website. It provides transparency on outages and issues. Check here first to see if others also cannot access the site.

Clear the Browser Cache and Cookies

Clearing your browser cache is a simple step that may resolve common website glitches. The cache stores website content for quick loading. But outdated or corrupt cache files can cause issues. To try this, you go to browser settings and find TradingView. Then remove the cached content for the site.

Inspect Your Internet Connection

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Make sure your device is online and your connection is stable before blaming TradingView. An internet outage or intermittent connectivity on your end could block the site from functioning properly. Try loading other websites to check for broader connectivity problems first.

Switch to Another Web Browser

Incompatibilities sometimes arise between websites and specific browsers. So try opening TradingView in a different browser, like switching from Chrome to Firefox. If the problem goes away, it was likely just a browser glitch. But loading correctly in another program isolates the issue to that one browser.

Determine the Root Cause for the TradingView Issue

The most effective fix depends on why problems originally occurred. Was it a temporary website outage, localized connectivity trouble, or something else?

Try to pinpoint the root cause by systematically testing each factor. With identification, you get closer to a targeted solution. But if nothing works, TradingView support remains the best resource.

Contact TradingView Customer Support

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Have you checked the status page, cleared cache, ensured strong connectivity, and tried an alternate browser without success? Then contact TradingView support for assistance.

Describe exactly what is happening so they can properly diagnose the issue. Support staff have advanced tools and may find solutions you cannot execute alone.

Additional Factors to Consider when Fixing TradingView Errors

A few other circumstances could influence fixes or warrant extra troubleshooting steps, such as:

Update your Device and Browser Software

Outdated software like an obsolete browser, plugin issues, or outdated operating system are common culprits. Make sure all programs and the OS are fully patched before diagnosing further.

Verify for Restricted Access

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Some companies, schools, and public networks block access to certain sites. Try a mobile hotspot, home network, or VPN to bypass any potential web restrictions on your current connection.

See if there are Limitations to your Hardware

Slow hardware like an old computer or low-RAM device may struggle loading TradingView. Confirm your machine has recommended specifications. An upgrade may smooth over issues caused by insufficient processing power.

With methodical testing of these potential causes and solutions, chances are good you can again access TradingView quickly. But do not hesitate to contact support for personalized guidance if self-troubleshooting proves fruitless.

Working together, the problem can likely get resolved. Hope this helps!



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