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Fix This Build Of Windows Will Expire Soon Windows 10 Error



A lot of users are panicking because they receive an error message indicating that their build of Windows 10 will expire soon. The message reads,

“This build of Windows will expire soon. Your build of Windows will expire on *specific* date. You should move to a new build as soon as possible. Go online for more information”

If you receive this message, it does not mean that your Windows 10 activation is expiring soon. It only means that your Insider build of Windows 10 is expiring and not your activation license. Windows Insider builds have an expiration date, and it usually runs in only a few months.


How to Fix “This Build Of Windows Will Expire Soon” Windows 10 Error

To stop the message from popping up and solve the issue, you will need to upgrade your Windows Insider build. Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs the latest build if you signed up for the Insider program. You can also manually check if there are updates available by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Updates & Security.
  3. Click the Windows Update page.
  4. Now, look for the Check for updates button and click.
  5. Windows will scan if there are new build of Windows 10 updates.
  6. If there are available, you can install them on your computer.

Another way is to download the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft and manually install it on your computer. However, it requires a lengthy process, which includes removing the current build preview.

How to Check the Expiry Date of your Windows 10 Insider Build


If you want to make sure you are not reaching the expiry date soon, you can always check your build number and expiry date.

  • Click Start and search for winver.exe.
  • It will open the About Windows. You will see there the information on your current Windows 10 build.

That’s it! Just remember to install the latest updates for your Windows 10, and you can continue using it without a problem. If your preview build of Windows expires and you have not installed the latest version, you will receive a warning for two weeks. Then, Windows 10 will no longer boot ,and you have to install a new Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft.

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