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How to Fix [OR-FGBFDL-35] Google Pay App Error when Making Payments



Google Pay is one of the easiest ways to make payments online through your mobile phone. It offers a quick way of sending money to your recipient. You can also receive money in real-time from anyone around the world. It is reliable and safe to use.

With Google Pay, online business is a breeze and can go global. Google added multiple layers of security and encryption, so even if you add your payment details, it is safe from hackers. Your transaction is secure and without any hassle. You can even earn cash back and other rewards when you continue using Google Pay app.

But, some users the Google Pay app is not always working as expected. Customers reported that they encounter an issue when making payments using Google Pay online or on mobile devices. There seems to be always something wrong with the payment platform that they can’t make any form of payment to buy new items or upgrade Google products and services. The merchant payment is declined and the error message appears, “Uh oh, There was a problem. An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-FGBFDL-25]”


If you encounter the Google Pay error code OR-FGBFDL-35, check out the troubleshooting methods below to help you how to fix and resolve problem.

Fix Google Pay App Error Code OR-FGBFDL-35 “An unexpected error has occurred”

Google Pay is available to all users in the world on various platforms including Android phones, iPhones and iOS mobile devices, or online. However, the Google Pay error OR-FGBFDL-35 is often associated with the location of the seller or buyer. There are also other reasons why the error message shows when you make payment via Google Pay. You can try to fix the issue by following each method below one at a time.

Solution #1 – Check your Google Pay Account Payment Information

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch
  • Go to https://pay.google.com/ on your browser.
  • Login to your account.
  • Select Payment Methods.
  • Look for the payment information listed under your account.
  • Double-check the data and click Edit to make the changes.
  • Click Update.

Make sure your payment methods are valid and up to date.

Solution #2 – Check the Location of your Purchased Items

Sometimes, we overlook the availability of the items we want to buy and their location. Make sure that the things you want to purchase are available in your location. Errors occur when you are purchasing outside the geographic scope of the items.

Solution #3 – Use a VPN Service to Purchase

If you want to buy an item, and you are outside of its geographic restrictions, you can use a VPN service. Try using a server located in the country where the item is available. Note that you have to consider if it can ship to your location or not. Make sure to understand these restrictions before attempting to make a purchase.

These are some of the leading VPN service providers you try, if you haven’t got any yet.

Solution #4 – Contact Google Pay Customer Support

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch
  • On your browser, go to https://support.google.com/pay/gethelp.
  • Enter your concern. Make sure to add the error code and message. You can include contact details and other information.
  • Click Next Step.
  • Confirm your issue.
  • Note how you can contact Google Pay Support.

Solution #5 – Contact your Seller for Help

In some cases, there is no problem with the Google Pay app. The issue is with the seller or manufacturer where you want to buy your items. You can contact their customer support team and relay the error you are having.

Do you have other ways to fix the Google Pay error code OR-FGBFDL-35? You can share them with us so other users can benefit from them as well. Please write them down in the comments section below.



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