How to Fix “No Camera Found” Error on Google Meet

Google Meet, the rebranded Google Hangouts Meet is the company’s answer to the growing demand for videoconferencing tools during this trying time. It offers an alternative platform for users who are now adamant in using Zoom due to the security issues that plagued the video calling app.

Google Meet is now one of the most popular online tool where you can meet with your friends or co-workers remotely. But, when you encounter the “No Camera Found” error, it is frustrating! Don’t worry, there are ways on how you can fix this Google Meet issue.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix No Camera Found Error Message on Google Meet Website or App

Check out the list of workarounds we’ve come up below if you’re having trouble connecting or using your laptop camera or it simply failed to load on your Google Meet video meetings.

No Camera Found Google Meet

Method #1 – Check your Camera

The problem may not be with Google Meet but with your camera. Check your camera wire if it is properly connected. Make sure that your camera is turned on as well.

You can also double check if your camera is working or not. If you have another computer in your house, you can check if the other device can detect your camera or not.

Method #2 – Give Camera Permission to Google Meet

Camera Permissions Google Meet

If it is your first time using Google Meet, it will still need permissions to use your camera. However, for those who have been using Google Meet, it also possible that you have accidentally blocked it thus not allowing Google Meet to access your camera.

To permit Google Meet, just click Allow when you are prompted with the permission message upon launching the app. You can also click the blocked icon on the upper right side corner and click Always Allow Google Hangouts to access your camera and microphone. Then, check your microphone and camera devices. Click Done.

Method #3 – Check if You Are Using the Right Camera

There is also a chance that you are not using the right camera configured in Google Meet. You may have two cameras installed on your device or have the previous camera that has used before.

  • To check if you are using the right camera, make a video call.
  • On the upper right corner, click Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Under Video, check the model of the camera configured to Google Meet. Make sure it is the same camera you are using. If not, click the drop-down menu and choose the right camera.
  • Click Done.

Method #4 – Update your Google Meet app

Google Meet app for Android

You may also try to update Google Meet. Just go to App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. Click Update and wait for the process to finish before relaunching your Google Meet.

What method above fixed your camera error? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. This seems to be a persistent problem with google meet. My camera works for zoom, MS Teams and Skype, but it can not be found in google meet either working in Chrome or Edge, and I have tried clearing the cache, giving camera permission for ALL apps, disabling firewall, removing all chrome extensions, uninstalling and reinstalling chrome, all to no effect.


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