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How to Fix Payment Transaction Failed or Declined Error in Google Pay App



Making online or mobile payments is easy, thanks to Google Pay. You can make contactless transactions online using your computer or mobile phone safely and without hassle. It is easy to receive and send money to someone in real-time as well.

Google Pay is a reliable online payment platform that many users trust and use every day. However, it becomes a dilemma if you encounter an error when you use the Google Pay app. After trying to send a payment, you are given the “Payment Declined” or “Payment Failed” issue on the mobile app.

That means Google Pay did not successfully process your payment. It can be due to a myriad of different reasons why the payment is declined or the transaction failed. You may have an issue with your Google Pay account or maybe you have reached your daily transaction limit. It can also be a problem with your credit card or bank’s server or maybe, it’s also an issue with the Google Pay app itself.

Some of the error message you might encounter that comes with the issue include: “Your payment was declined due to an issue with your account”, “Unable to complete transaction”, or “Account error – Payment declined: try another bank account or call your bank (U16)”.


How to Fix Google Pay App Payment Declined Issue, Incomplete Transaction or Failed Error

Fortunately, several ways will help you fix and resolve the incomplete or unsuccessful payment processing issues with your Google Pay account. You can try following each method below and check if you can already use your Google Pay app again to process your bills.

Solution #1 – Check your Payment Information

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

Are your payment details up to date? Is your credit card, bank information, or debit card data accurate and active? Sometimes, payment does not go through if there are problems with your payment details. You need to verify them and check if the details are correct. Go to https://pay.google.com/payments/#paymentMethods.

Solution #2 – Try Using Another Device

The problem may be with your device or the app you use. Try using another device to check if you can make a purchase. If you are using the Google Pay app on your smartphone, use your browser on your computer if you can make a successful payment. If yes, then the issue is with your app. You can reinstall it.

Solution #3 – Make Sure you have Enough Funds

Fix You don't have permission to complete this action OR-CAC-08 on Google Payments
Credit: Wayhomestudio/Freepik

One of the reasons for declined payment is insufficient funds. Check your linked account if it has enough money to make the transaction. If not, you can use another payment method. You can also add another payment method to your Google Pay account.

Solution #4 – Visit the Google Pay Payments Center

Google Pay keeps your transactions secured. If they see a suspicious transaction, they will decline the payment. You can check for requests or confirmation in the payments center.

  • On your browser, go to https://payments.google.com/.
  • Login to your account.
  • Now, check if there are errors or requests for you to do.
  • Perform the actions such as verifying your identity or confirming the transaction.

Solution #5 – Contact your Bank

If there are no problems with your Google Pay account, you may try to contact your bank or credit card issuer and relay your issue. They may verify if there is something wrong with your account from their end.

Do you have other methods that will help fix the Google Pay payment declined errors? You can share them in the comments section.


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  1. Your payment of P626.99 to Google has been unsuccessful due to insufficient balance & remaining credit limit. Click here to top-up your wallet.

  2. No mention here that it may be a Google issue
    My card is valid with sufficient funds and successful transactions previously
    – and no way to actually make contact with a human – technology has its limits


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