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How to Fix Pinterest App Not Working or Loading on Android Device and iPhone or iPad



Pinterest is not your usual social network. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where you share status updates, the main focus of Pinterest is to allow its users to collect and share the things and information they find online.

But despite the wonderful features of the platform, some users can’t help but feel frustrated every time the Pinterest app doesn’t work or load on their Android or iOS device. If you ever find yourself dealing with this issue, here are some of the things you can do to solve the issue on Pinterest.

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Check the Status of the Pinterest Server to Fix Not Working Issue on Mobile Devices

All websites and apps are a piece of technology, and Pinterest is no exception. It means that it can go down or crash at the most unexpected times.

  • If you can’t use the app on your device, it might be a server-related issue.
  • Make sure that you check the live status of the Pinterest server first before panicking.
  • If there is indeed a problem, wait for several minutes before opening the app again.

Check Your Internet Connection

You also have to ensure that your device has a stable internet connection or cellular data signal if images don’t load properly in your Pinterest app. Most of the time, poor and unstable connection prevents Pinterest from working on your device, whether you are on iOS or Android.

Clear Pinterest Browsing History and Cache

The Pinterest app may also fail to work on Android and iOS devices because of browsing history and cache files. To rule out this cause, clearing these files may help fix the issue.

Disable the Location Services on your Android or iOS Device

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Location Services is a resource-intensive feature that may put a strain on your device’s battery. The overall health of your device suffers if it’s under constant surveillance at your current location.

  • Turning it off might help ensure that Pinterest continues to work or load on your device.
  • Simply switch off the feature and try opening the app again.

Restart Your Android, iPhone or iPad Device 

Now, this may sound like a simple no-brainer but it can work wonders in fixing so many issues, especially if the Pinterest app fails to work or load on your device. Most of the time, it happens if there are a lot of processes or apps running in the background. A simple reboot of your device might be able to help.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Pinterest App 

Pinterest may not load or work on your device if there are glitches in the app. Uninstalling the app from your device first and installing it again may help resolve the issue.

Update Your Pinterest App

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Last, but not least, updating your Pinterest app might just be all it takes to get it up and running all over again. Check if there are available updates for the app and proceed to install the new version right away.

If your Pinterest app doesn’t work or load on your Android or iOS device, it’s easy to get annoyed and frustrated. But trying the fixes above might help ensure that you can enjoy browsing Pinterest again in no time.



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