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How to Fix Starbucks Rewards Android or iOS App Not Working or Not Showing Up



You may know about Starbucks Rewards. It’s a great program. It’s popular and members love it. Why? It’s because of its many benefits.

But sometimes, you face some bumps when using the app. It may stop working on Android or iOS gadget. Or it simply vanishes.

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Don’t fret! We’ll discuss how to fix this. Let’s unravel the mystery of why your Starbucks Rewards aren’t appearing or functioning.

The Cause of Starbucks Rewards Android or iOS App Not Working Error

Now, what causes this problem? It can happen due to a lot of reasons. Your Starbucks Rewards program becomes a tricky customer. It may stop functioning on websites.

Or it may not show up on your Android or iOS. The reasons can range from different technical bugs. Or issues with device compatibility. Even something as simple as a sync error in your account.

Solutions You Can Try to Resolve Starbucks Rewards Android or iOS App Not Working or Not Showing Up Issue

So, what do you do now? Don’t worry, we have some solutions. Please follow the steps below. They will help in fixing your problem.

Visiting Starbucks Website and Checking Out Their Social Media Accounts

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So, where to start? First things first, check out Starbucks’ website. After that, hop onto their social media platforms.

Why? They often share updates there. You may find announcements about system status on their Facebook or Twitter.

In case there’s an issue going on, it’s usually posted there. If there’s something happening, here’s a tip. Just wait it out.

Wait for any issue to get sorted. Once done, your Starbucks Rewards should be back up and ready!

Refreshing or Updating Your Starbucks App

Outdated apps can be a bit of a bother. They can make your Starbucks rewards misbehave.

So what’s the solution here? Simple! Make sure you’ve got the newest Starbucks app installed. How to do that?

  • Look for Starbucks on Google Play Store or on the App Store.
  • Hit Update if you see one waiting.

Getting the latest app helps clear out bugs. It also solves compatibility problems that may hide your Starbucks Advantages.

The Log Out and Log In to Starbucks Rewards Account Trick

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Rewards completely disappeared? Or still refusing to work? There’s a second trick you can try. It may sound weird, but try logging out and logging back in to your account.

This solves many tech problems. It takes care of glitches, sync errors and more.

  • Just go to Settings > Account > Log Out in your Starbucks app.
  • Once done, open the app again.
  • Enter your username and password to log back in.

This refreshes your account. It can fix chaotic errors that are causing the hiccup.

Reaching Out to Starbucks Customer Service

All else did not work? There’s one last resort. Contact Starbucks customer service. Your account might have a specific issue. Or maybe it’s something with your device. For this, you need the experts.

  • You can reach them at 1500 078 from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6PM.
  • Prefer leaving an email? Send them one at customercare@starbucks.co.id.
  • You can also use chat! Go to Starbucks’ website. Then navigate to Contact Us > Chat.

A helpful rep can solve account-specific problems for you. This way, your Starbucks Rewards will finally start behaving.



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