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How to Fix Xbox or PC Game Error Code 0x87e50031, 0x87e5000a or 0x87dd0013



Do you constantly see the error code 0x87e50031, 0x87e5000a, or 0x87dd0013 every time you launch a game on your Xbox or PC?

Don’t worry because there are several things you can do to fix these issues.

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Resolve Xbox or PC Game Error Code 0x87e50031

Error code 0x87e50031 indicates that there is a temporary problem that you can resolve if you restart the app or game. To eliminate this error on Xbox or PC, your best move is to launch the app or game again.

  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.
  • Highlight the app or game you want to launch.
  • Press the button for Menu and choose Quit.
  • It’s already closed if you don’t see the Quit option.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and try to start the app or game again. 

Troubleshoot Xbox or PC Game Error Code 0x87e5000a

Error Code 0x87e5000a means that your console encountered an unexpected error or there is a temporary problem that you can fix by restarting the console or game.

  1. Confirm that the issue is not specific to the console or game.
  2. Move your game to another storage device. If you’re using an external storage device for storing the game, try to move or copy the game to the internal storage of your console or another storage device.
  3. Restart your console.
  4. Try launching the game again.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the game before launching it again.
  6. Submit your console for repair if none of the above solutions fixes the issue.

Fixing Xbox or PC Game Error Code 0x87dd0013

If you have encountered the error code 0x87dd0013 while setting up your console or while updating your console system, you can visit Xbox One’s troubleshooting system updates and simply follow the indicated steps there.

So far, this code may also indicate that you cannot connect to Xbox Live or you need to restart your PC or console to launch the app or game.

Here are the possible solutions for this issue:

Check the Status Page of Xbox

If you notice any services that have alerts, make sure you expand the service and then scroll down to Notifications. Sign in there to get a message once the service is back to normal.

Restart your Xbox Console or PC

Restart your Xbox Console
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If you’re using Xbox One, press and hold your Xbox One controller’s Xbox button and then choose Restart console before clicking Restart. If your console seems to be frozen, just press and hold the button for 10 seconds and wait for the console to turn off. Press the Xbox button once again to restart after your console shuts down.

If you’re using your PC, just press the Windows key, choose Power, and select Restart. If your PC is frozen, just press and hold the device’s Power key for 10 seconds until your PC shuts down. Press the Power key again to restart after it turns off.

Error codes 0x87e50031, 0x87e5000a or 0x87dd0013 often appear when launching a game on Xbox or PC. The simple fixes above will help you fix the issue in no time.



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