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How to Download Paramount Plus Shows for Offline Viewing/Watching



If the Internet connection is a huge concern for you, it may disrupt your streaming experience. To stream movies on Paramount Plus, you will need to have at least 4 Mbps. One good solution to help you continue watching your favorite movies is to download videos on the Paramount Plus app to watch offline.

Offline viewing enables you to stream titles on Paramount Plus even without a network connection. All you have to do is download the movies and TV series that you want to watch while connected to a stable WiFi Internet connection. By the time, you don’t have any connection at all, you have offline movies and shows in store to watch all day.

Note that you can download up to 25 titles only on your mobile device. Also, you cannot download video content on your Windows 10 PC or Mac computer as well as your smart TV devices. Offline downloads on Paramount+ is only supported using your Android phone or Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad. Lastly, Paramount Plus only allows you to stream up to three devices simultaneously.

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So, how do you download movies and TV series on your Paramount Plus iOS or Android app for offline viewing? You can continue reading below to find out how to do it.

How to Download Paramount Plus Movies & TV Shows to Watch Offline


The first thing you need to do is to download and install the Paramount Plus app on your mobile device. You can do so by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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  • Open the Paramount Plus app.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Select the movie that you want to watch offline.
  • On the right side of the title, you will see the Download icon or the down arrow inside a circle. Tap the icon to start downloading. If there is no Download icon beside the title, the content is not available for download.
  • A confirmation message will appear asking you if you want notifications when the download is complete.
  • Tap Yes.
  • Another message will appear telling you not to navigate away from the app, or the download process will pause.
  • Tap OK.
  • After the download process, a checkmark will appear next to the title. You can now watch it offline.

How to Access your Downloaded Offline Movies on the Paramount Plus App

To see all the movie and TV series titles you have downloaded on the Paramount Plus app, tap the More button at the bottom of the app. Tap Downloads. It will then show all the contents available for you to watch offline.

Do you prefer to stream online on Paramount Plus or download titles for offline viewing? Tell us which is your preference by commenting below.


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  1. So there is no feature to save and create a list of shows you want to watch later? That was the question we didn’t need to whole article to tell us “no, you can’t”. LOL

  2. I have terrible internet as I live in a rural area, though I have no issues with Amazon prime or Netflix buffering, I am having a terrible time with Paramount + and the shows are so bad at this point I will have to cancel my subscription unless I can find a download option. Please increase the play buffer or allow some way to download to a computer or media server for playback. I really want to watch some of the shows you are streaming now… :-S


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