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How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9345 Payment Issue



Getting an error every time you are watching a movie can be frustrating. Amazon Prime users are no exception to this dilemma. There are also errors found when they stream on Amazon Prime Video.

One of the most common errors in the streaming platform is the error code 9345 which is related to an issue with their payment method. This can be vague to everyone, but Amazon Prime Video error code 9345 simply indicates an issue with the currently attached payment method which caused the payment to fail.

If you encountered this error, check out the solutions below to find out how to fix it.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9345

Solution #1 – Check Your Payment Method

There may be problems with your payment method on Amazon. To check, go to https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/settings/. Sign in your account and go to the payment method. Double-check your payment details. Make sure your credit card is not yet expired.

Solution #2 – Restart Your Amazon Prime Video App

A quick restart will help refresh your app and delete corrupted data that may be causing the error. Close your app and wait for at least 30 seconds. Now, open your app, and check if the error still exists.

Solution #3 – Power Cycle Your Devices

Credit: Asus
  • Turn off your device and unplug your modem and router.
  • Wait for at least 1 minute and plug your modem back in.
  • Wait for it to fully restart. Now, do the same with your router.
  • Turn on your device and launch your Amazon Prime Video app.

Solution #4 – Update Your Amazon Prime Video App

Credit: Windows Dispatch

You may have missed important updates for your app. Go to the App Store or Play Store and search for Amazon Prime Video app. Check if there are available updates and install. It may fix the error in your app.

That’s it! You can follow the solutions one at a time to see if one of these errors can solve the problem. Some users say that the error was fixed with the first solution.

Which of the methods above helped you fix the Amazon Prime Video error? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Thanks for the tips, however none of them worked. I’m particularly stumped because I am trying to make this work on my Samsung TV, not an iPhone or tablet. I have no idea how to get a hold of Amazon Prime to get more advice.

  2. Trying to rent a movie but getting error code 9345. Tried all your suggestions, nothing worked. Trying to watch on Samsung TV, my credit card is valid and turning the modem and router off didn’t help. What do we do now?

  3. This is happening to me but only on one show that I try to watch!! (Which I was binging days prior to this happening) every other show/movie works and I have a friend that can watch the show at her house/account and her account even didn’t work when I used it at my house which leads me to believe it’s something with wifi but again every other show is working…..? So weird. I also tried on both my TVs and my iPhone app and all the same.

  4. For smart TVs you need to delete the Prime APP, restart device (may not be needed but I did just in case), and then reinstall and sign-in. That fixed it when none of the steps in the article did.


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