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How to Stop iPhone Camera Selfies from Flipping Like a Mirror



Have you noticed a difference with your selfies? If you do, you would have seen that the picture you take is not the same as what you saw on your camera before you took the selfie. Your iPhone is flipping your selfie images after capturing them. Sometimes, you like what you see and do not seem to notice anything different. Other times, you will not like the photo at all.

The truth is, your iPhone does not take the same image that it shows on the camera screen. It is because what you see on your camera is a mirror of yourself, which shows the reverse position of you on the screen. It is like looking in front of a real mirror. But, when your iPhone takes the photo, it will revert to the normal position, which is now the reverse of what you see on the screen.

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Sounds complicated? Think of it as your iPhone capturing your real self and not the image you see on the screen. It may not matter much since it only shows the reverse of the image and without any changes. But, some people have a photogenic side, and the phone camera may not be capturing it.

If you want your iPhone to take the image exactly as you see it on screen, you can disable or turn off the mirroring image function on your Apple iOS settings to unflip the photos taken by your camera.

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How to Disable Front Camera Mirroring or Flipping Function on iOS 14 Settings to Unflip Selfie Images on iPhone

The flipping selfie images issue is not exclusive to Apple users. It is also widespread concern among Android phone customers. If you have decided to turn off the selfie camera mirroring or flipping in your photos, the steps are easy.

To disable the mirror front camera tool on your iPhone, follow the method below. Note that the function to unflip selfie photos as they are taken only applies to iPhone devices running on iOS 14 or later. If you can update your iOS software, you can see the feature on your camera settings.

Unfortunately, only iPhone 6s and newer are compatible with iOS 14 and later. If you have an iPhone 6 or earlier, you cannot automatically switch off the mirror front camera tool. You have to reverse your photos manually.

You can enable or disable the Mirror Front Camera for video and photos taken from your camera app. However, only iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and later models can use it on videos. iPhone 6S to iPhone X series can use the feature only on photos.

Image credit: Apple
  • Launch the Settings menu of your iPhone device.
  • Go to the Camera.
  • Scroll down to Composition.
  • Look for the Mirror Front Camera and toggle it to Off.
  • When you open your Camera app, use the front camera.

How to Update your iPhone’s iOS Software to the Latest Version

If you use an Apple iPhone 6s phone or later versions, you can update your device software to iOS 14 and up. Here’s how to do it.

  • Make sure to plug in your iPhone to a power outlet.
  • Launch the Settings menu.
  • Select General.
  • Tap Software Update.
  • Select Install Now.

Which side are you on? The mirrored selfie or the real version image? We would love to know what you think, so drop us a comment or two below.

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