How to Turn Off iPhone Camera Outside The Frame Feature

Not all the time are we satisfied with the photos we take from our iPhones. Sometimes, there are angles that we should do or backgrounds that we want to include. There are also instances when you edit a photo and realize it should have more of the picture.

Apple makes it possible for you to take these considerations into account and do something about them. With the ultra-wide camera lens starting from iPhone 11 to the newer models, you can use the Photos Capture Outside of the Frame feature on iOS.

How Does Photos Capture Outside the Frame iOS Camera Feature on iPhone Work

Photo credit Laura Chouette/Unsplash

iPhone 11 and later Apple phone models have different advanced camera lenses that you can use when taking high-quality photos and best videos. There is the 2x icon, which will open the Telephoto lens. You can also use the 1x icon for the Wide lens when shooting. If you need an UltraWide lens to get more of the background into your image, tap the 0.5x icon.

The ultrawide feature will expand the camera angle and capture a wider picture or video than your typical photo angle. Now, Apple lets you use the Outside the Frame or the over-capture feature so that you have the option to use the expanded part of the image or not. You can crop or adjust what should be included in the picture when editing later on.

When you shoot your iPhone camera app on a scene, there is a dimmed area that you will see outside of the main camera frame. It is the part where Apple allows you to add to your photo during editing or cropping if you want to expand the image aside from what you have captured earlier. The camera preview on iOS also shows the part outside of the main frame so you will see what you can capture if you use the ultra-wide lens.

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The Outside the Frame feature is available for portrait and landscape mode. If you use the portrait mode, you will see the dimmed area at the top and bottom of the frame. As for the landscape mode, it is on the left or the right side of the frame.

However, not everyone likes to see the content outside their main lens getting captured in the final photo. If you want to take photos like any other device, you can always turn the Camera Outside the Frame feature off and disable it in the settings.

How to Disable iPhone Camera Outside The Frame Feature from Settings


By default, Apple set the Camera Outside the Frame feature off or disabled on your iOS device. But, if at some point it is turned on, you can disable and turn it off by following the steps below.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu of your iPhone.
  • Select Camera.
  • Scroll down to the Composition section.
  • Look for the Photos Capture Outside the Frame and toggle it to Off.
  • You can also toggle the button to Off beside the Videos Capture Outside the Frame.

What is your reason for turning off the Photos Capture Outside the Frame on your iPhone? We value your opinion. Please write one for us below in the comment section.

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