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How to Turn Off or Disable Report Junk iMessage Feature for iPhone Spam Texts



With the release of iOS 16, several improvements have been made to the Messages or iMessage app on iPhone, including the ability to edit and delete messages. One of these is Report Junk, which enables users to label spam, scam, or other undesired messages as Junk and notify Apple about them. Although this is a helpful tool to prevent getting these warnings in the future, some customers have complained about it.

For starters, accidentally deleting essential messages and reporting them as junk can cause considerable problems in the future. Apple may block these types of messages in the future, leading to more significant issues. It’s led to many people trying to turn off or disable the “Report Junk” feature on iMessage app to no avail. So, what can you do about this problem?

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Can you Turn Off or Disable the “Report Junk” Option in iMessage App Used to Block Spam Texts on iPhone?

Unfortunately, turning off or disabling the Report Junk button used to combat spam and scam texts on iPhone is quite impossible. Until Apple implements a toggle for the iMessage feature, there’s no way to fix this problem. But there are ways to work around it. For now, the best we can do is simply find ways to not interact with the Report Junk button.

Avoiding & Ignoring the Report Junk Button for Text Messages on your iOS Device

So, with Apple introducing features that iPhone users can’t choose to stop, we’re again left to learn how to avoid them ourselves when using our iOS devices. Fortunately, avoiding the Report Junk button is relatively easy as long as you stay aware and remember that it exists. Most users tend to forget it and accidentally press it while mindlessly using their phones, so stay alert!

Click the Empty Space Instead of an Option as a Workaround Since you Can’t Disable the Report Junk Feature

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  • Many don’t know this, but whenever the Report Junk and Don’t Report Junk buttons come up, there’s actually a third option. 
  • Pressing the ample space around the two options simply skips them, allowing you to avoid the buttons.
  • While it’s not a permanent fix, it’s sadly one of the better ways to avoid the button that’s easy to incorporate into your average iPhone workflow. 
  • Until Apple incorporates a toggle for this feature, this and pressing the Don’t Report button are your only options.

It’s tough for iPhone users, always at the whims of Apple regarding what they can and can’t do on their phones. We hope the Cupertino company implements a toggle for this feature soon, or things may get a bit too frustrating. For more fixes and guides like this, stay tuned and keep reading!



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