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How to Search your History and Bookmarks from Google Chrome Address Bar



Need a shortcut when navigating through your web browser? Now you can with the new expansions of Chrome Actions in Google Chrome. Many users believe that Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers there is to use. While it is indeed true that the Chrome browser has functions to enable actions done quickly, there are also more shortcuts that you can use to make it even more productivity inducing.

Google launched new shortcuts to let you find and search for your history, bookmarks, settings, and tabs in just a few steps via the Google Chrome address bar. You do not need to navigate to the history or bookmark section of the settings page to see them. Entering the @history and @bookmarks shortcuts on the address bar of your web browser will direct you to the list instantly.

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Chrome Actions are useful when you want to access Google Chrome browser settings. You can quickly open the settings menu when you enter keywords on the Omnibus, such as Clear Browsing Data or Set Chrome as Default Browser. With Chrome Actions, you can navigate to other parts and settings of your browser.

How to Find & Search Google Chrome Browser History, Bookmarks, and Settings from Address Bar

Using a shortcut for your browser history and bookmark will reduce the time you have to spend searching for this data. It is now easier to access the information, thanks to the new shortcut on the Chrome browser. But, you need to enable it first.

Enabling Omnibox Site Search Starter Pack Chrome Flag

  • Launch your Google Chrome browser.
  • Go to¬†chrome://flags/#omnibox-site-search-starter-pack.
  • Enable the new Chrome Action to open your bookmark and history directly on the site.

You can find the new search shortcut enabled in ChromeOS 106. As of now, ChromeOS 106 is still in beta. But, Chrome will soon roll out the feature to more users.

Using the New @history, @tabs or @bookmarks Shortcut from Google Chrome Web Browser Address Bar

  • To start using the search shortcut, open your Google Chrome browser.
  • On your address bar, enter @history, @tabs, or @bookmarks. It will then switch your address bar to Search Bookmarks, Search History, or Search Tab.
  • Enter a keyword that you want to search in the section.

Once done, it will show the list below the Omnibox if there are several results. However, if there is only one match, it will directly take you to the site.

What do you think of the new search shortcut on the Google Chrome browser? We love to hear your thoughts, so please drop them in the comment section below.



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