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Use Remote Play to Stream Xbox One Games on Android for Free



Microsoft is bringing your gameplay experience to another level of convenience. Recently, Microsoft has launched a new feature on the Xbox app that will offer gamers another option to play their games when they are unable to access it with a TV. The updated Xbox app for Android will let users play their games directly on their phone.

If you are going to a place without a TV monitor or if your TV is currently occupied, it does not stop you from playing your games. Grab your phone and your Xbox One console and you are ready to stream your gameplay anywhere.

Previously, the feature is called Console Streaming. Now, Microsoft is replacing it with the Xbox Remote Play using the redesigned Xbox app for mobile. It does not need a Game Pass membership as gamers can access their game library.

How to Use Xbox Remote Play Feature on Android Device

Credit: Microsoft

The feature was only available for Xbox Inside beta members before the launch of the new update from Microsoft. Now, the new feature is available to anyone with an Android phone. You can also use it with Xbox Series X and Series S.

To start streaming your games,

  • Connect your console to your device
  • Launch the Xbox app.
  • You can then choose and start playing your downloaded games on your console.
  • You can even access your games that are Xbox Game Pass titles.

The new feature also offers a way to share your games. It also introduces new functions like the Xbox Party and Chat.

Credit: Microsoft

Xbox Remote Play vs Game Pass Ultimate xCloud

Take note that the new Xbox app for Android is not the same as the xCloud offered in Game Pass Ultimate. With the xCloud, gamers do not need to use a console but they can stream their games directly from the cloud. With the updated Xbox app, you will need to use your Xbox console to stream your games on your phones.

What do you think of the new Xbox Remote Play feature? Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below.


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  1. I love this feature! I also use the xbox app on the pixel chrome book and play using that for a bigger screen. I do wonder why I cannot download the xbox app on an android smart tv though.


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