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How to Set up and Get Verizon Auto Pay Monthly Discounts



The Auto Pay feature allows you to direct your payments automatically every month, enhancing convenience and eliminating errors. Verizon provides this innovative feature, making bill payment a breeze.

It offers a way to pay your bills that’s super straightforward, and even rewards you with a discount once a month.

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Step By Step Methods to Set up and Get Verizon Auto Pay Monthly Discounts

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to get Auto Pay set up and take full advantage of your monthly Verizon Auto Pay discounts.

Step 1: Enrolling in Auto Pay

The first step to avail of this opportunity is to enroll in Auto Pay. This can be done either by visiting the Verizon website or by utilizing the convenient My Verizon app.

Please note that the Account Owner should be the one to enroll, and be aware that only Verizon Visa Card, bank account, or debit card will make you eligible for the monthly discount. Any other credit cards you may prefer to use won’t offer you the discount.

Step 2: Selecting Your Preferred Payment Method

If you already have a payment method saved, it’s an easy step to select it for your Auto Pay. However, you are not restricted to using a previously chosen method.

You can even choose a new payment option if you’d rather do that. All it takes is entering your card’s numbers and hitting save.

Step 3: Selecting the Auto Pay Date of Your Choice

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In this process, you will be provided the flexibility to select your Auto Pay date. The date options provided are in alignment with your bill cycle.

This thoughtful feature is designed to prevent any late payments by scheduling the automatic payment for a date after your paycheck is deposited and before the bill due date.

Step 4: Signing Up for Paper-Free Billing on Verizon

For you to receive monthly discounts, it’s a requirement to enroll in paper-free billing. Not only does this step ensure that you’re eligible for the discount, but it also aligns with the green initiative, minimizing paper waste and contributing positively to the environment.

Instead of receiving physical mail with your bills, they will be emailed or accessed online.

Step 5: Start Receiving Your Monthly Discount on Verizon Auto Pay

After having enrolled in both Auto Pay and paper-free billing, you are eligible for your monthly discount. The amount may differ according to the specifics of your plan and the services you have availed.

Nonetheless, it’s a benefit you’ll definitely enjoy seeing deducted from your bill each month.

Step 6: Managing your Auto Pay on Verizon

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Your Auto Pay preferences are not set in stone once you have defined them. You are at freedom to manage them according to your requirements or changes in your payment capabilities.

The My Verizon app and the Verizon website both offer you the liberty to manage your Auto Pay preference, including your payment method and your next payment date.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult official Verizon support or seek professional assistance through a technician for more personalized help.

Keep in mind, this cool feature doesn’t just help you save money, but it also makes paying your bills easier and ensures you never forget a payment. It shows us how using digital technology can make our lives simpler and more organized.

So why wait? Start your journey towards convenience and savings today!



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