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How to Use the Disney Plus GroupWatch Watch Party Feature



Watch Parties are getting popular these days. The times when you schedule a day with your friends to go to the movies together and watch your favorite shows are becoming rare. You don’t have to go somewhere and meet. You can do it virtually.

Many streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Twitch have released their watch party or co-viewing features in the past months. With more people wanting to do things together with their friends, streaming services have planned to make it easier and safer for them. Watch Party features allow you to host a movie and invite your friends to watch it together at the same time. The main advantage is that you can do it in the same virtual room where it feels like you are watching inside a movie theater together.

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Now, Disney Plus wants to join the bandwagon of Watch Party streams. Disney is testing a new feature called GroupWatch that will allow subscribers to host their watch parties. As of now, it is under testing in Canada. But, the streaming service is hoping to launch it to other locations in fall.

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How to Host a Disney Plus GroupWatch Watch Party

It is easy to use the GroupWatch feature. Any Disney+ subscriber can host the watch party. You can invite up to six friends to watch the movie together but make sure that your friends are Disney Plus subscribers too.

  • To start watching, look for a movie you want to share.
  • You will see the GroupWatch icon on the title page.
  • Click it and follow the instructions on how to host your watch party.

So, if you have nothing planned for the weekend, you and your friends can have a great time having your movie party right at the comforts of your homes. With the launch of GroupWatch, it is easier to have a watch party than use a third-party tool.

What do you think of Disney Plus GroupWatch? Are you excited about this new feature? We would love to know your thoughts, so drop us a comment below.


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