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How to Use LinkedIn Live to Broadcast Live Streams for Professionals



If you want to connect to organizations and professionals, LinkedIn is one of the best places to be. It is a social platform for professional networking. Now, LinkedIn offers its members a live-streaming option called LinkedIn Live to join in the bandwagon of other social media platforms that offer the same feature.

The LinkedIn Live feature was rolled out last year. It allows users to create quality video content and broadcast to their network on the social media platform. Network members can interact with each other through comments and reactions like what you can do with Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

The purpose of the live-streaming feature is to enable individuals and companies to connect to other professionals in real-time, which makes it easier for promotions or marketing.

Why Use LinkedIn Live?

LinkedIn Live is not available to any member. You will need to complete an application first before broadcasting. This helps filter quality content and only gives users professional content. Once you are approved, it augments your professional status in your network and sets you apart professionally.

LinkedIn Live for Professionals
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LinkedIn Live also fosters trust and reliability, allowing those who are known to share their wisdom and help others. It focuses more on giving the users the information they need to boost their careers and not just any random live broadcast you can see on other social media.

The live streaming feature is also an effective marketing tool, with people interested in coming to the platform and participating in the interactions. It also widens your connection and enables you to reach more people.

How to Broadcast Live Streams Using LinkedIn Live

Before you get started, you will need to fill out an online form. For individuals, you will need to submit the form and wait for approval. For organizations or LinkedIn page, you can talk to a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Representative.

Next, make sure you have a fast Internet connection. Test your Internet speed to know if you have at least 3mbps to stream properly. In most cases of live-streaming, you will need to check the comments and reply to your participants, so another device will come in handy.

Switcher Studio
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Download a third-party broadcasting tool to create your video. There are several broadcasting tools that you can download and install such as the ones below:

  • Switcher Studio
  • Restream
  • Wirecast
  • Socialive
  • StreamYard

Keep in mind that you have to prepare all the tools that you need to help you create a professional-looking video. Make sure you have good lighting, a professional background, and a mic. Relax and enjoy your live stream.

What do you think of LinkedIn Live? We would love to know your thoughts so tell us in the comments below.


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