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How to Hard Reset or Factory Reset Settings on a Chromebook



Performing a hard reset on your Chromebook can help fix errors. In some cases when other solutions do not work, a hard reset or factory reset is necessary. But, for Chromebook, hard reset and factory reset have differences in function.

What is the Difference Between Hard Reset and Factory Reset on Chromebook?

When you perform a Hard Reset on your Chromebook, you are only making a change in your hardware. The data in your OS are not changed. But, performing a factory reset will affect the user data and profiles in your ChromeOS. Google calls this process Powerwash. The Factory Reset will erase all the files in your hard drive and run it like new again, just like you first used it.

A Powerwash is necessary if you cannot use your device due to errors. However, keep in mind that to perform a factory reset or power wash, you will need to back up all your files to an external hard drive or cloud storage like Google Drive.

Learn how to properly execute both methods below.

How to Perform a Hard Rest on a Chromebook?

Credit: Acer
  • To start, turn off your Chromebook completely.
  • Look for the Power and Refresh button. Press and hold the Refresh button and tap the Power button.
  • Do not release until the Chromebook restarts.

How to Powerwash or Factory Reset Your Chromebook Settings

Credit: Google
  • Open your Chromebook.
  • Navigate to the Chrome Settings.
  • On the search bar, type Powerwash.
  • Look for Powerwash on the results. Click the Powerwash button.
  • Your Chromebook will initiate a restart. Wait for the process to complete.
  • Once your Chromebook is restarting, you will receive a notification message indicating that your OS verification is OFF.
  • Hit the spacebar to enable OS verification. Once your OS Verification is enabled, it will disable the Developer Mode.

The Developer Mode enables users to modify their preferences in the Chromebook. You will need to disable it to remove all your customizations and data to perform a hard reset. You can always enable the Developer Mode again if you want to modify your OS files.

Were you able to effectively use Powerwash and Hard Reset on your Chromebook? Let us know in the comments below.



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