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Fix Discord Android or iOS App Crashes when PC Users Activate or Play Soundboard Sound



Discord has been continuously gaining popularity as a social platform that forms connections and relationships all over the world.

But despite being known to be rich in features for instant messaging and VoIP, some Discord PC users are expressing their concerns about how the iOS or Android mobile phone app tends to crash every time they try to play or activate soundboard sound.

How to Fix Discord Android or iOS App Crashes when PC Users Activate or Play Soundboard Sound Issue

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If you’ve been having the same problem, here are a few fixes you can try to save yourself from frustration:

Clear Your Cache and Delete AppData Contents on Windows PC

Files or cache can get corrupted and affect your use of the Discord app. Try to delete all the AppData contents first and see if it eliminates the issue. Just follow these steps:

  1. Start by pressing Windows and E keys.
  2. A Windows Explorer address bar will pop up.  Type %AppData%\discord here.
  3. Double-click on the Cache folder and delete all its contents. 
  4. Go to the folder for the Discord app again. 
  5. Double-click on Local Storage and delete all its contents, too. 
  6. Open the Discord app again and see if the issue is gone. 
Image credit: Benjamin Zocholl/Pixabay

Stop Hardware Acceleration on the Discord App Settings

The Hardware Acceleration feature of the Discord app uses the GPU of your PC to improve your experience while using the app. This feature isn’t perfect, though, and sometimes, turning it off fixes most crashes in Discord. 

Don’t worry because disabling this feature won’t affect your app experience in general and you can also enable it again directly from the settings menu. Here’s how to disable Discord’s Hardware Acceleration:

  1. Open the Discord app on your PC. 
  2. Look for the gear icon that represents User Settings. You can find it in the bottom corner on your left. 
  3. Select the Advanced option from the left sidebar. 
  4. Disable the option for Hardware Acceleration in the right panel. 
  5. Open the Discord app again. 

End Discord App from Task Manager on your PC

Any Windows program that doesn’t work or run properly will often crash, and the Discord app is no exception. So if the app crashes every time you play or activate soundboard sound, one of the first things you should do is to end it from the Task Manager. This will end the process and refresh the Discord app. 

  1. Hold and press the keys for Windows, Alt, and Del (Delete) simultaneously. 
  2. Choose Task Manager. 
  3. Look for the Discord option in the Apps section under the tab for Processes. Choose Discord and then click End Task.
  4. Close the Task Manager window. 
  5. Launch the Discord app again to check if the issue is gone. 

Update Discord App on Android Phone or iPhone

If none of the steps above fixes the problem, your last best resort is to install the latest version of Discord. Delete the old Discord app first and then go to the official website to install the latest version. 

Discord is not perfect but it shouldn’t stop you from using it. Try the steps above to ensure that Discord doesn’t crash every time you activate or play soundboard sound on your PC.



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