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How To Record Live Events Streaming on YouTube TV



If you are planning to record a live broadcast of an event that’s happening on YouTube TV but do not know how, read the article below. The steps to record live sports, concerts or whatever live event you want to watch on Youtube TV is easy with just a few clicks. Now, you can start recording the YouTube TV live broadcast that you want whenever you like.

Why Record a Live Broadcast on Youtube TV?

There are different reasons why users want to record a Live stream from Youtube TV. First, it gives them their own copy of the video so they can watch it offline. Second, it offers flexibility. Once you have recorded live broadcasts, you can watch it in any device that you want.

What Can You Record on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV Channels

Google’s Live TV streaming service offers a wide range of live channels and on-demands that users can watch and record. Depending on your region, you can access several channels including local ones.

How does YouTube TV Recording Works?

YouTube TV offers a huge amount of DVR allowance for you to record live broadcasts. With the DVR, you can pick your show, record and watch it later. The DVR also allows you to pause, rewind, and fast-forward your shows. This will enable you to skip scenes or rewatch the shows whenever you want.

With YouTube TV, users will get unlimited DVR space. Users can also set up up to six accounts so you can separate each family member’s favorite shows by each account.

Can I Record Program in Progress in YouTube TV?

Yes, you can record a program that has already started. Once the show will stream again, it will instantly record the full show.

How to Record Live Broadcasts On YouTube TV?

Record Broadcast YouTube TV
  • Open YouTube TV.
  • Go to the Live Section.
  • Look for the Channel that you want and click to open.
  • When you watch the show and want to record it, look for the + sign at the bottom.
  • Click the sign to add the show while also recording it.

Final Thoughts!

Have you tried recording a live broadcast on YouTube TV? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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