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How to Install and Use Pluto TV On Amazon Fire TV or Stick



If you are searching the web for new streaming services, you may have come across Pluto TV. It is a live-TV streaming service owned by ViacomCBS. What makes Pluto TV different is that it combines live TV and on-demand content. To top it all off, the service comes with free content, so it makes it all worthwhile for viewers compared to competitors with monthly fees.


Pluto TV curates free content online. There are more than 250 channels available for you to watch. You can check out different channels with Movies, News, Music, Entertainment, Comedy, Sports, and Kids. Watch channels with themes for Tech, Lifestyle, Latino, and even for Binge-Watching.

Apart from watching through each channel, you can also save shows and movies as a watch list. There is also a preview channel where you can check out the information about the show such as the cast list and trailers.

How to Install Pluto TV On Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick

If you are currently using the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV, you can install Pluto TV in a few easy steps and enjoy free live TV content.

Credit: Pluto TV
  1. Launch your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.
  2. On the Home Screen, click the Search button found at the upper left corner.
  3. Type Pluto TV.
  4. Click Pluto TV on the research results.
  5. Click Get to start installing the app.
  6. Wait for the process to finish.
  7. Once done, click Open.
  8. Now, you can start streaming on the app.

How to Set up and Activate your Pluto TV Account on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

Credit: Pluto TV

While you can use the Pluto TV App on your Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick even without an account, it is recommended to sign in, so you can save your watch list and other customizations on your account. That way, when you sign in on other devices, you can access your watch list.

First, you will need to activate your Pluto TV account on your devices. You will find the activation code on the screen if you click Activate on the Fire TV Stick on your Pluto TV app.

  1. Now, on your device, go to pluto.tv/activate.
  2. Enter your activation code and click Activate.
  3. You can sign in your account and start watching.

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