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How to Watch or Stream HBO Max on Roku or Amazon Fire TV



Many users love the classic and original content only available on HBO Max. Unfortunately, HBO Max is not yet available on Roku or Amazon Fire TV. While it may sound impossible for some users, there are alternative solutions on how you can watch HBO Max on your Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Read on to learn about some workarounds available for you to try while WarnerMedia is still negotiating its terms between them and Roku or Amazon.

Streaming Workarounds to Watch HBO Max on Roku or Amazon Fire TV


Solution #1 – Connect Your Device to Your TV Using an HDMI Connection

Even if you cannot stream HBO Max directly on your Roku or Amazon Fire TV, you can stream, it using your mobile device or computer browser. You can then connect your mobile device or computer to your Roku or Fire TV through an HDMI cable.

Make sure that you are using a compatible device to your TV. In some devices, you will need an additional adapter to connect your device. You will then have to use your mobile device or computer to search and play movies on HBO Max.

Solution #2 – Use Screen Mirroring or Screen Casting

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Roku has a feature called screen mirroring or casting that allows you to mirror the audio or video from your Android or Windows device. Using the same network connection, you can connect your device to your Roku and enable the feature.

You can use screen mirroring to cast HBO Max to your Roku device.

  • To start, go to the Settings of your Roku device.
  • Select System and navigate to Screen Mirroring.
  • Once there, click Screen mirroring mode.
  • Now check either Always allow or Prompt.

When you have enabled the screen mirroring, you can now start watching HBO Max. However, screen mirroring is only available for Windows and Android and does not support iOS or Apple devices.

Solution #3 – Stream HBO Max to your TV Using AirPlay

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For Apple or iOS users, you can also wirelessly connect your device to your Fire TV or Roku. Apple has an AirPlay feature that will allow you to stream HBO Max on your Smart TV. But, AirPlay is only available to selected Apple TV or iOS devices, primarily recent models. It is also available on limited models of LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio smart TVs.

To connect via AirPlay, you will find the AirPlay icon on the movie or show you want to stream. Click on the icon and choose the device you want to connect to. Just like Roku’s screen mirroring, make sure you are connecting to the same network.

Solution #4 – Install the HBO Max on your Amazon Fire TV


The good news about Fire TV is that it runs on the Android TV operating system. Now, HBO Max app is available on Android TV, so you can install the app on your device. This process is called sideloading the app. It may take several steps of uninstalling and downloading, but it can be your last resort if the above solutions do not work.

Which solution sounds best for you? Let us know in the comments below.



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