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How to View your Participants while Presenting in Google Meet Meeting



When you need to present an idea in a meeting with your co-workers or students but you cannot physically be there for it, Google Meet is an excellent option. With its features to provide a virtual meeting room, you can do your presentation on a whiteboard. You can even use your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device to present in a Google Meet video meeting.

Unfortunately, there is one challenge when hosting a virtual presentation while videoconferencing. You cannot see your participants if you need to view your online presentation. Doing a presentation may not always be effective on the presenters’ part if they cannot see the audience. There is no connection, and it may create an awkwardness that will affect the overall presentation.

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Is there a way to view your participants and students or audiences during a Google Meet presentation video conference or class? Let us check out the ways below.

How to View & See All your Participants or Students in Google Meet when Presenting in a Video Meeting

There are several options you can do to see your audience while presenting via Google Meet. You can check them out one at a time and see which one will work for you better.

Solution #1 – Reduce the Sizes of Each Window to Fit the Screen

A common way to see both your presentation and participants is to fit both windows on your screen. It helps if you use a wide-screen monitor on your desktop computer. But, if you use your mobile device or laptop computer, it may not be the best idea.

Adjust the sizes of each window by dragging the arrow on the sides. You can overlay some parts of the windows to make them bigger.

Solution #2 – Use a Second Monitor

If you have a spare monitor at home or in your office, you can attach it to your PC or laptop as an extension. It means that you can extend your screen to the second monitor and not as a means to duplicate it.

  • After connecting your second monitor, launch the Settings menu.
  • Select System.
  • Go to Display.
  • Navigate to Multiple Displays.
  • Click the drop-down menu and select Extend these displays.
  • Click Keep changes.
  • Now, drag your Google Meet tab to your second monitor.

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Solution #3 – Join in a Second Device in your Google Meet Meeting

If fitting both windows on your screen and not having a second monitor does not work, you can join the meeting twice using a second device. You can use your first device to present in the meeting, while the second device will serve as a screen to see all the participants.

  • To join a second device in the Google Meet video meeting, generate an invitation code.
  • Join the video conference via your second device using the generated code.
  • Now, you can use two devices to help you view everyone, as well as your presentation.

Do you have other ideas to view your participants and present at the same time while in a Google Meet meeting? We love to hear from you, so please drop your answers below.



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