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Use Movies Anywhere Screen Pass Digital Lending Program



Movies Anywhere offers a cool way to share digital copies of your favorite films. Using the feature called Screen Pass, it gives your family and friends access to watch your recommended movie to them through the Movies Anywhere streaming platform.

Screen Pass has been through beta testing. Now, it is available for everyone in the U.S. to use.

How Does Screen Pass on Movies Anywhere Works

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When you sign up for free in Movies Anywhere, you can purchase movies from different digital retailers. You can build your collection of favorite movies on one platform. You can watch it anytime and even when you are traveling.

If you want to share some of your movie collections and want others to watch it, you can do so using the Screen Pass. Even if a friend may be in another location, he or she can access your movie when you give a Screen Pass.

On My Movies collection on your Movies Anywhere account, select any movie that is eligible for a Screen Pass. An indicator will be on the details if the film is available for sharing or not.

After picking a movie, you can share one of your Screen Pass to a friend so he or she can also watch it. It is similar to lending your movies but in a digital process to avoid going out of your house.

Take note that screen passes are available only for 14 days to start watching the movie. Your friend will have 72 hours to finish watching it as the movie and Screen Pass will expire.

Limitations of Screen Pass Digital Movie-Lending Program

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Only users of Movies Anywhere are eligible to send and receive the Screen Pass. If you want to send a Screen Pass, you must purchase eligible movies. You can also redeem a digital code every 6 months to remain eligible.

Every first day of the month, 3 new Screen Passes will be added to your account. But, you can also add more if you continue to purchase. These Screen Passes will expire at the end of the month and not rolled over to the next month.

If you want to receive a Screen Pass, you also need to sign up for free on Movies Anywhere. After you received a Screen Pass, you must accept it within 7 days.

That’s it! Now, you and your friends can watch your favorite movies and share your comments. You can even use the Screen Pass on the Watch Together feature by Movies Anywhere.

What do you think of the Screen Pass? Let us know in the comments below.



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