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How to Transcribe Audio Recordings using Microsoft Word



There are times when you need to transcribe a meeting or a conversation. When you are a student, it helps to transcribe lectures from your classes or seminars. However, doing so will take a lot of time and effort.

Microsoft is launching a new feature that will allow you to transcribe your audio files easily. Transcribe in Word is available on Microsoft Word for users with Microsoft 365 subscriptions. You can record conversations and have them transcribed immediately.

The new feature is available only on the Word for the web and not yet on desktop and mobile versions. It is also available for paid Microsoft 365 users and only supports the English language as of the moment. But, Microsoft is working on adding the transcribe feature on Word apps for iOS and Android.

Credit: Microsoft

How to Transcribe Live or Recorded Audio using Microsoft Word

The transcription feature is integrated right into Microsoft Word. You can record a conversation, calls, or even videos on the app itself. The app can capture the audio from the microphone on your computer or mobile device. You also have the option to upload a recorded audio file. Transcription is done quickly within Microsoft Word.

When your audio file is transcribed, you will see that the entire conversation is separated into sections. You can edit each part or insert them into your document. You can also select a timestamp for you to listen to the recording of that particular portion. Users can take notes on each part of the recording.

Take note that you can upload an audio or a video file with the size of up to 200MB. You can upload formats such as MP3, MP4, M4A, or WAV. Microsoft also imposes a limit of 300 minutes of audio file upload per month.

Transcribe Live or Recorded Audio Files
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Also Launches Voice Commands Feature

Aside from the Transcribe in Word tool, Microsoft also added another feature that will surely benefit a lot of users. Dictation with Voice Commands is a tool for dictating text into your Word document. You can create any text using your voice. Dictate is available on the web or the mobile app of Microsoft Word.

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